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Adhesives & Glues In India | McCoy Mart

Adhesive Glue is required in day to work, whether it is at home or workshop; while construction or repair, there is a Glue requirement, which can be used to fix things and stick material firmly on surfaces. There are various types available in the market which come for different purposes, and one may choose the best one as per the needs. Any item which cannot be hammered or drilled into the wall or other materials should be stuck with the help of glue. 

While gum and fixatives are essential for every workshop and construction work, you must use the one that best matches your project needs. For example for sticking paper and wall sheets, you need a more water-resistant and transparent Glue that does not harm the sheet; it should not be chemically reactive so that it can damage the sheets you are pasting. For sticking plywood on wooden surfaces, you must invest in high-quality Adhesive Glue for wood to get the best results and high-end finish. For sticking plastic and fiber material, the Plastic Adhesive Glue is the best choice.

Types of Products

There is a lot of Glue available in the market that you should know about to select the best one for your projects.

High Power construction Adhesive is a must for sturdy construction purposes in which the fixative is exceptionally high strength and water-resistant. The bonding agent is extremely fast and strong and does not get withered in any weather. It can stick ant material together during the renovation and construction in the home or offices. With the construction adhesive, you can easily stick foam, fiberglass, metal sheets, and wood without any hassle. The packaging of these fixatives shows what all materials can be bonded with it giving you clarity on where you can use this product. With the highly advanced and popular brands, you can get the maximum strength bond without worrying about the results. 

You can get Adhesive Glue for wood in both cans, tubes, or bottles, and they are easy to use. The consistency of these fixatives is generally quite thick, and you have to apply them with proper construction tools like a knife. They would take up to 24 hours to dry to give maximum results and are especially useful in heavy-duty construction projects like sticking doors, window panes, fiber sheets, and structure. They can also be used on stones and tiles along with plastic and marble. The Glue is best for indoor repair and decorative installations. Epoxy Glue is also a fantastic product for construction and home improvement projects, which can fill in spaces and stick materials together without any mess. Whenever there are areas in which you need high strength bonding, then the epoxies are a great option. They come with two compounds, which are a hardener and a resin. 

When combined, they give high-end results in the form of epoxies. These are awesome for bonding tough materials together, which would generally not stick with regular gum, even the super one. It is made for a wide variety of materials, and the repairpersons and workers trust it as it bonds fast and tight. The epoxy resins can stick the materials together, and the bond stays intact even in high temperatures and extreme conditions. The wet and moisture-laden environments can make it hard for any bonding agent to work. 

However, the epoxy products work well in such areas as well. These are great options for sticking things where there is a water flow like an indoor aquarium or a waterfall. This is also awesome for decorative pieces and construction, and artists can use it in several ways to enhance their creative projects. These are available in the form of paste and liquid, making it easier to use. While the Liquids are ideal for small-scale projects, the paste one is for more expansive areas where you need more products for better grip and bonding. Adhesive Glue for paper is the most commonly used product for sticking wallpaper and other materials with ease. While in any project, a lot of time, it is needed to adhere to the rubber to surfaces like metals, wood, and concrete, and thus a high-quality rubber Adhesive Glue is the best choice.

Stone and Ceramic Glue

The tile or stone adhesive is a to-go option for construction experts and repair workers as it helps lay the floor or finish a wall with ease. You no longer need to settle the tiles with the help of concrete or lay the floor tiles or marbles with cement. The high power and high bonding stone fixatives available in the market can do the job with ease and no mess. There are many options available in the market these days for high-power adhesives, which can stick the stones and tiles and ceramics with ease. 

They last longer and are sturdy enough to sustain all kinds of wear and tear. Most of the stone fixatives come in powder form, which needs to be mixed and applied quickly before they dry up and harden. Latex stone adhesives are also available in the market these days as they do not dry up past and bond stronger. These can be used easily by mixing water. You can get the best quality latex adhesive at McCoy Mart with ease and get the best results. At McCoy Mart, we bring the most advanced and robust adhesive gums to you, making your construction and repair work easy. You can buy the best products from renowned brands at the most lucrative price.  

Adhesives & Glues Price List

Adhesives & Glues
McCoy Soudal Superbond Adhesive
Rs. 228
Fevicol SR 505 Adhesive
100 mL
Rs. 38
Roff Pidilite Heavy Duty Stone And Tile Fixing Adhesive
20 Kg
Rs. 1,007
Holdtite By Pidilite Leakguard CPVC Solvent Cement
250 ml
Rs. 350
Jivanjor Polystic Super Synthetic Resin Adhesive
10 Kg
Rs. 1,069