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Mango Air Coolers

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Choose From The Best Range of Mango Cooler Available Online at McCoy Mart

In tropical countries like India, a cooler is a mandatory gadget that is required. You can get them in many designs and shapes as well as color options. They are portable, light in weight, and durable too. When it comes to the selection of a brand, nothing can be better than the mango cooler. You can purchase them from all online stores. Moreover, they are efficient in disseminating proper air too. The models also work on the inverters, so you don't have to worry much during power cuts in summer.

They also have a bed-level air throw that allows you to cool yourself anywhere comfortably. The mango cooler 75 ltr price and other models price is also reasonable. Some models have LCDs, while others have an ergonomic control panel that lets you operate the product easily. You also get a remote control to manage the speed of airflow and other things quickly from any direction. The product is ideal for both indoors and outdoors.

Glimpse through the features that a Mango air cooler has

Before purchasing the cooler, you must know about the features it has got. It will help you to understand the product in a better way. Knowing the features will also allow you to buy the ideal product for your requirement. Check the notable features of these models below:

  • Large capacity tank: One of the significant features of the product from this company is its large capacity tank. While some of the models have a 35-liter tank, some have a 25-liter tank. The large tank helps in disseminating cool air quickly and spreading it in the room.
  • LCD screen: Some of the mango coolers have LCD where the temperature and other entails are displayed. It helps you to know about the active status and other details about the product.
  • Timer: Another important feature of these products is the timer mode. If you keep the model on and go to sleep, you can set a time for the fan to function. It helps you to save power and lessen your electricity bill.
  • Honeycomb pad: The honeycomb pad is very efficient in these fan models. They properly absorb the water and help the machine to produce cool air faster.
  • Speed control: Speed control allows you to manage the airflow rate. Generally, there are three-speed control modes, slow, medium, and fast. You can shift to anyone as and when required.
  • Blower type air: The blower type air disseminations spreads the air at a go and cools you fast. Since these models are personal coolers, they are equipped with this feature to serve you efficiently when warm.
  • Inverter workability: The inverter working capacity of these models helps you enjoy the cool air during power cuts. The uninterrupted service keeps you cool throughout the summer seasons.
  • Mosquito net and dust filter: Another important feature of these models is that they are equipped with a mosquito net and dust filter. The dust filter prevents dirt and dust from settling inside the model. In contrast, the mosquito net prevents insects from entering the machine.
  • Portability: Since the models are equipped with wheels, they can be transported from one place to another quickly. Moreover, due to their castor wheels, you can use them indoors as well as outdoors.

Know the reasons why Mango is the best brand to buy coolers from

The cooling fans from this company are durable and long-lasting. Besides being widely available, the mango air cooler 55 ltr price and the cost of other models are also reasonable. The brand manufactures products that cater to the needs of the customers. Mango is a BNB group brand and pioneer in manufacturing plastic thermoforming, evaporative and cooling pads.

They are there in the market for 15 years and have been using their experience to make the items much better. Besides that, they infuse new technology into their products to enhance the customer's experience. They focus on delivering the best to their customers at budgeted rates. All these factors make them the best in the market, and thus you can rely on them and purchase.

 Mango cooler Specifications

  • High-efficiency honeycomb pad
  • Adjustable speed control
  • With or without LED display
  • Motorized louver movement
  • Blower type airflow
  • Castors trolley
  • Water saver
  • Works on inverter
  • With and without Timer Feature

Check the things to consider before buying cooling fans

As you proceed to buy cooling fans, you should check certain things that will help you purchase the correct item. You can get your desired product without any regrets later. The factors that you need to remember and check are:

  • Size: Commonly, two sizes are available in the market from this company. They are, (410 L x 360 B x 920 H) mm and (410 L x 370 B x 825 H) mm. You can buy anyone that matches your requirement.
  • Display Type: before buying, check which type of display does your model has. While some products do not have an LCD screen, some have it. Check the specifications to know more about it and then buy.
  • Features: You should check the features from the specification column before buying. Checking them will help you understand the product in a better way.
  • Tank size: The tank size varies from model to model. You should check the properties to be sure about the tank size. The cooling fans have large tank sizes like 25 ltr, 35 ltr, 55 ltr, and 75 ltr.
  • Price: The mango air cooler 75 ltr price and the price of other models vary from one product to another. However, they are not that expensive. So, you will not require to dif much into the pocket. Adjust your search parameters or filters to get a budgeted product quickly.

Learn about the Mango cooler price from McCoy Mart

If you are wondering where to purchase cooling fans from, don't worry! McCoy Mart is always there for your help. It is an online store with a huge range of products. The items displayed are authentic and easy to buy. You can get them at affordable rates. There are search filters that you can adjust to get customized results. You can also avail of flat discounts, and owning a pro account will entitle you to bulk rebates. As you are about to buy coolers, know about the Mango air cooler price list before purchasing from McCoy Mart.

Best Selling Mango Coolers Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Starting Price
Mango Personal Air Cooler Cool Master Honeycomb White - 25 Liters
Rs. 4,420
Mango Personal Air Cooler Thunder Plush White - 35 Liters
Rs. 4,810
Mango Personal Air Cooler Cool Master i White - 25 Liters
Rs. 5,460