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Morphy Richards Microwave

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Best Offer On Morphy Microwave Available on McCoy Mart

Microwaves have become a mandatory appliance in the kitchen for a long time. They are found in several quantities and designs. The most difficult part of buying such a microwave is that you get confused about which model to buy, with what features. The microwaves are equipped with many modes and features which you should look at properly and then buy. You can rely on Morphy microwaves as they deliver products with many features that will benefit you. The microwaves are found in 20 liters, 25 liters, 30 liters. They are also attainable in many colors. The product from this company will enhance the look of your kitchen, and you can buy a suitable model matching your modular setup.

Check out the Features that Morphy Richards Microwave has:

Every product has its features which make them different from the other ones. The microwaves from this company also have such features. They are:

  • Energy consumption

Morphy Richards microwave oven allows you to cook at high voltage. If you have to cook bulk items, you need a high-power-efficient machine that will allow you to cook faster.

  • Auto cook

Auto cook is a modern feature that is now included in many of the models of Morphy Richards microwave 25 ltr. This feature allows you to cook without selecting the time. You only need to select the type of food you are going to cook and the mode will automatically function. This becomes easy for you to prepare food as you don't need to assume how much time you require to cook the food you are preparing for the first time.

  • Defrost

Now, almost all the Morphy Richards microwave 30 litres and other models too have defrost feature which is a very helpful feature. Using defrost, you can heat any item either raw or cooked that has frozen completely. If you defrost a raw item, it will be easy for you to cook. If you defrost a cooked item first and then reheat it, then it will take less time. You can also save power.

  • Child lock

Child lock is another modern feature that microwaves of this company have now. At times it may happen that while you are cooking, children rush into the kitchen. They might put their hands on the function panel and something unprecedented can happen. Child lock helps you to lock your control panel so that the children can't operate it. It is almost like a password to any of your electronic devices, without which your appliance does not open.

  • Preheat feature

You must heat the microwave before you start cooking. This helps in the dissemination of the heat properly during cooking. Preheat feature allows you to do that. It heats to make it ideal for cooking.

  • Timer

The models from this company are equipped with a timer. A timer allows you to set a time within which the microwave will heat or cook the food or raw material in it. It helps you to do other household chores during cooking.

  • Panel

Panel is another feature of these microwaves which differ from model to model. The control panels of the models of this company are of different types. While some are tact dial type, some are mechanical, and some feather touch panels like that of the smartphone.

  • Accessories

As you buy one such item you will get accessories which are also an important feature of the models. The accessories include gloves, safe cookware, vessels, cups, bowls, spatulas, and other items also.

  • LCD display

Another important feature of this product from this company is the LCD display it has. It helps you to see the time selected, the modes, and other functions from which you have to operate.

Thinking Why Should you Buy Morphy Products?

Well, products from this company are quality products which last long. Besides that you get many color options to choose from. Moreover, the models are available in various quantities. From Morphy Richards 25 litre microwave to 30 liters or 20 liters, you will get all types of products. They cater to the needs of the customers and manufacture products. All these are the reasons for which you should buy from Morphy as it is the best brand.

Look at the Factors you Need to See Before Buying:

  • Size/quantity

Generally, these microwaves are classified on the basis of the quantity it can cook. If you have a small family you can buy a Morphy Richards 20 litre microwave. Or else, you can buy either a 25 liter or 30 liter model if you have a bulk requirement. Check the size in the specification before buying. The standard Morphy Richards dimensions microwave are:

    • 2 members: 15 - 20 ltr
    • 2 - 4 members: 20 - 25 ltr
    • 4 - 6 members: 25 - 30 ltr
  • Modes

You must also check what are the modes that your model has. This will help you to buy the correct model according to your requirement.

Why Should you Opt McCoy Mart to Buy Morphy Richards Microwave?

McCoy Mart is an online store where you get a variety of products from hardware to appliances. You can get an idea about the Morphy Richards microwave price if you visit this site. You can also get to know about the features of the products from the specifications. If you have a pro account you can get bulk discounts. Thus, you should not loiter here and there and go to McCoy Mart to buy the appliance of your choice.

Best Selling Morphy Richards Built In Oven Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Starting Price
Morphy Richards 20 MS, 20 Litre Solo Microwave Oven - Black
Rs. 6,850
Morphy Richards 20MBG, 20 Litre Grill Microwave Oven - Black
Rs. 8,550
Morphy Richards 25 CG With 200 ACM, 25 Litre Convection Microwave Oven - 2200 Watt (Silver)
Rs. 13,744