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Morpy Richards Oven

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Morphy Richards Oven In India | McCoy Mart

OTG was the earliest option for grilling, toasting. It is a cooker that is useful for both commercial and residential uses. They are found in many sizes depending on the quantity up to which they can cook. Though they look like a microwave, they are much different from them. If you are a baker and constantly bake food, then only you should buy an OTG. Otherwise, if you plan to reheat food, then OTG is not the best option. A plus point of OTG is that you can use metal vessels for cooking. You can bake a cake using an OTG. Morphy Oven is a brand you can trust for buying OTG as it delivers quality products. Their products are available everywhere. They have many features which will help you to prepare the dish you want. The size of OTG's starts from 15 kgs and is available up to 60 kgs.

Look at The Features That Morphy Richards Oven Has Got:

The features are everything that makes a product unique. When you buy an appliance, you check the features it has got. As it plays a crucial role, you must know about the features that OTG's of this company has. They are:

  • Preheat option

Before you start to bake, grill, or cook, you need to preheat the oven to make it ideal for cooking. Preheat option allows you to do so. The models from this company are enabled with the preheat feature and you need not worry about it.

  • Wire rack

A wire rack is the most important piece of accessory that you need for baking or cooking. All the models of this company are equipped with wire racks. Whether you grill or bake, a wire rack is a necessity and thus it becomes an important feature to be considered.

  • Crumb Tray

All Morphy Richards convection oven is furnished with a crumb tray that collects the residue portion of the food grilled or baked. A Crumb tray is placed at the bottom of the appliance, inside the cooker, where the overflowing juice, or extra spice, or broken bread or cake falls, which can be later on collected.

  • Tongs

Each model of OTG from this company is accompanied by tongs. Tongs are a suitable replacement for gloves. When you grill or bake any food, the tray or rack gets too much heat. To prevent burning your hand you need to use tongs.

  • Timer

Timer is another feature that the OTG's have. You need to set the time before you put in something to bake or grill.

  • Auto cook

In an OTG, you need to set the power and time at which the item will be baked or toasted, or grilled. The auto cook feature allows you to set the time and power.

  • Less energy-consuming

The OTG consumes less power as compared to any other ovens. This saves not only electricity but the money you need to pay for the bill.

  • Light in weight

OTG from this company is very light in weight and can be easily carried from one room to another depending on the requirement.

  • Galvanized chamber

The OTG of this company has galvanized inner chambers for cooking. Galvanized chambers can retain heat for a long time and cooks the food properly and keeps the food warm for much time.

  • Sturdy body

Strong body is another important feature of the OTG. As the body is made of stainless steel it makes the appliance sturdy and strong, so that it lasts long. The Morphy micro oven has a thick outer covering also.

Thinking about Why You Should Buy OTG from This Company?

You should choose Morphy Richards oven because this company delivers quality products. They cater to the needs of the customer and design such products that are beneficial. Besides that, they have been manufacturing these products for a long time. You can get them at affordable ranges also. There are a variety of colors and sizes from which you can choose. As the company is manufacturing these products for a long time, it has become a popular brand. You can trust them as they have a good track record of delivering quality items. All these cumulatively make it the best brand and thus, you should choose it to buy your OTG.

Now Check the Factors you Need to Consider before Buying OTG

There are certain things that you must check before you are buying an OTG. This will help you to have a regret-less purchase and a proper purchase. You can buy the correct product that you require. Here are the factors to be checked mandatorily.

  • Size

Size is the most crucial factor that you need to consider and check before buying the proper product. If you buy a product of the wrong size then you will not only regret it, but it will be a misfit among your appliances. The standard size of the products varies from 15 kg to 60 kg. 15 kg models are the minimum size of an OTG. For a standard secular family, 15 to 20 kg models are the best. However if you need them for commercial use, you have to get a model between 26 kg and 60 kg. The size required for the number of people are as follows:

    • 2 - 3 people: 15 - 20 kg
    • 4 - 6 people: 26 pkg
    • More than 6 people: 26 - 60 kg
  • Price

Morphy oven price will depend on the size of the OTG. If the oven is big the price will increase, if it is standard the price will also remain so. You need to check the specifications properly before buying.

Thinking Where to Buy from? Don't Worry, McCoy Mart Is There!

McCoy Mart is an online store from where you can buy various products starting from hardware to appliances. You can check the specification of the items you want to buy. Besides that you can also know about the Morphy Richards oven price. You can also browse through the plethora of products it has. So why loiter here and there! Go to McCoy Mart to buy the OTG you want.