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Motor Starter Switches

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Choose From The Best Range of Motor Starter Switches Available Online at McCoy Mart

Have you seen a witch board near the AC with a red and green button? Well, those are the motor starter switches! They are a kind of device used to start and stop electronic machines by using either manual or automatic ways. Besides that, they also provide the motor circuits with overload protection. 

The buttons are ideal for those places where electronic machines are operated over a specific horsepower. In other ways, it controls the power for starting the motor. Thus, they are used for stopping, reversing, and protecting electrical accessories. They are primarily used for ACs and pumps. You can buy them from all online and offline stores. 

Know About The Different Types Of motor starter

The machine starting buttons are available in many kinds, so you need to know about them before buying. Then, it will help you to buy a particular one and use it without regrets. Generally, this product is divided into two broad categories: the manual and magnetic starting buttons. However, the magnetic ones are further subdivided into more categories depending upon the controller’s functionality. Check the details about the types of the motor start button below. 

  • Manual Starting Buttons: These controllers are so easy to operate that you don’t need expert advice. They are used manually, As the name suggests. A knob starts the gadget that is connected to the button. Apart from that, the compact size of the buttons makes them ideal for applications in various places. So, besides being economical, they are safe too. Furthermore, the overload protection of these machines protects the gadget from any severe damage. Moreover, you can get this manual motor starter at all online and offline stores. 
  • Magnetic Starting Buttons: Another essential machine starting controller is the magnetic starting button operated by using electromagnets. A lower and safe voltage starts and stops the machine load that is connected to the starting button. Unlike any other starting controller, the magnetic controller also has a contactor and overload to protect the electronic device from overheating. There are a few types of this controller too. They are:
  • Direct-on-line starting button: Besides having a simple construction, this electric motor starter has a compact design. Moreover, they can be used by simply pushing a button. Other than that, they are the cost-effective option obtainable in the market.
  • Rotor resistance starting control: The rotor resistance controllers have three resistances and are cost-effective. Furthermore, they have a simple speed control method. They also provide large pull-out torque, low starting current, and large starting torque.
  • Stator resistance starting control: The stator resistance has three resistors and provides smooth acceleration, unlike the previous one. Besides that, they have ergonomic starting characteristics and suitable speed controls.
  • Auto-transformer starting button: These controllers have manual speed control with a minimal option. However, they have remarkably flexible starting properties. Furthermore, the high output torque makes it very efficient.
  • Star Delta starting button: The star-delta startings have a very low input surge than any other starter switch for the electric motor. Moreover, they have a simple construction and are ideal for long acceleration times.

Select The Best Brand To Buy From

As you know about the different types of the product, now learn about the best brand to buy from. Many brands manufacture single-phase motor starter switches today. So be cautious while purchasing the ideal product from the correct brand. Thus, we are here to help you shortlist some of the brands delivering quality products. The brands on which you can rely are Havells, Orient, Crabtree, and Legrand.

  • Havells: Havells is a pioneer electronics brand providing a plethora of lighting and cooling solutions. Apart from that, it makes machine starting devices available in many designs, colors, and shapes. Furthermore, the simple design of the buttons fits in any decor too. It helps in protecting gadgets from being overloaded.
  • Orient: Orient is a famous brand that manufactures various electronic gadgets. Their products are widely available across all online stores. You can trust them because they are the recipient of the Economics Times Best Brand 2020. The device starting buttons they make are available in various colors and voltages. Moreover, they match the ISI standards.
  • Crabtree: Crabtree manufactures polycarbonate single phase starter that has good durability. They also manufacture other electronic accessories matching the FR grade and being UV resistant. So when it comes to the fusion of aesthetics and innovation, there is no better option than Crabtree.
  • Legrand: Legrand is a global company delivering quality products at affordable rates. They provide you with any electronic solution. You can get their products from all online and offline stores. The company manufactures machine starting controllers that are sleek in design. They also have child safety shutters and conform to the ISI standards.

Glimpse through the things to check before buying

As you are about to buy motor starter switches, you should check certain things before buying. They will help you to purchase a product without regrets. The things to check are:

  • Color: The color of the device starting switches vary between black and white. You can choose one that suits your home decor and taste. Nonetheless, before buying, check the specification to be sure of the color.
  • Price: The single-phase motor starter price is not high. You don’t have to dig much into your pocket to buy them. However, check the product description or price list to know about the cost before buying.;
  • Brand: The best brands have been discussed above. Choose one that you feel is suitable. However, you can opt for a particular brand you prefer.

Enquire About The Motor Starter Price From McCoy Mart

McCoy Mart is an online store to purchase your requirements from. You can know about the device starting button prices from here. Moreover, you can check the specifications, browse through the plethora of brands and buy the desired item. You can use both the app and the browser to complete your shopping. Owning a McCoy Mart pro-account enables you to avail of huge discounts too!

Best Selling Motor Starter Switches Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Starting Price
Havells 20 A Motor Starter (AHCSMXW201)
Rs. 404
Orient 25A Motor Starter (White)
Rs. 427
Havells 32 A Motor Starter (AHFSMXW321)
Rs. 430
Crabtree Athena 20 A Motor Starter Switch (White)
Rs. 452
Legrand Mylinc Motor starter 16A
Rs. 500