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Packaging Tape

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Best Offer On Packaging Tape Available on McCoy Mart

Whether you are wrapping gifts or covering a parcel, you will surely need packaging tape. They are a very common and essential item you need at home. These adhesive bands secure the box by blocking its openings. Besides that, they have a superior tensile strength that protects the packing. They are available in many sizes and colors. The product is ideal not only for labeling and for packing too. You can use them for sealing heavy-duty carton boxes and items that are shipped. Also, you can use clear packing tape to fasten the book wrapper. The transparent adhesive bands have a clear and glossy look. They are non-toxic and safe for use with excellent adhesion. They are available everywhere, and you can buy them at reasonable rates. 

Glimpse Through the Different Types of heavy duty packing tape

Before buying the adhesive bands, you should know about the different types of them that are available. It will help you to purchase the correct item that suffices your needs. Generally, there are three types of this product. They are: 

  • Transparent adhesive bands: The transparent paper packing tape is the conventional band used to fasten any kind of box quickly. The adhesion that you get from these bands does not loosen fast. Moreover, they add a glossy finish to the packing surface. They are always in demand for the sturdiness they have. It is a must for industries dealing with paper, bags, mailing, and envelopes.
  • Colored/printed packaging tape: You must have seen delivery packets containing the company’s name on the adhesive bands the pack is bonded with. Well, those are the printed bands that are widely seen in the market. They help display the company name correctly. It brings to the notice of the customers and other people about the name of the company. Moreover, packets with printed packing tape are easy to identify also. The colored bands also help in demarcating one item from another. They can be used as various codes for packing parcels. 
  • Brown adhesive bands: The most common band used to seal industrial items is the brown packaging tape. They are heavy-duty bands and are quite helpful during relocations. You can also use them to seal things that you need to keep securely. The brown finish of these bands also makes the packed surface glossy. They are widely available in different sizes across all stores. These bands are pretty popular among business groups. 

Know About the Best Brands To Choose From

Several brands manufacture brown packing tape and other types of adhesive bands. Yet while choosing the right brand, you need to pick one that delivers good quality products and reasonable ones. We are here to aid you in the selection of the brands. There are three brands that we recommend, Ardex Endura, Abro, and 3m. Check below to know more about them.

  • Ardex Endura: Ardex Endura manufactures waterproof bands that are very helpful for sealing. They generally manufacture standard bands of 20m x 100m x 1m, 20m, 200m x 1m, and 20m x 300m x 1m. However, bands between widths 300m to 1000m are also available when requested. The bands from this company are highly flexible and long-lasting. Besides having proper elasticity, the product can also endure high temperatures. They are easy to use too. 
  • Abro: Abro produces bands that are Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene or BOOP film paper packaging tape that has a thermoplastic polymer. This polymer keeps the adhesive band effective in low and high temperatures. Moreover, bands from this brand have high gloss and stickiness. They don’t fall off quickly once fixed and are an efficient solution to pack boxes. You can get them not only at reasonable rates but also at various widths. 
  • 3m: 3m has been manufacturing adhesive bands for a long time. The 3m packing tape is also waterproof. They are excellent in gripping the surface applied to and thus pack the boxes efficiently. Moreover, you can use them on irregular surfaces. Whether mailing, shipping, moving, packing, sealing, or storing - you can use these bands for multiple purposes. They are also obtainable in many sizes, and you can get them in all stores.

Remember and Check These Things Before Buying colored packing tape

You must remember to check certain things before purchasing adhesive bands. It will help you to buy the correct product without regret. The things that you should remember to check before purchasing are:

  • Tensile strength: Tensile strength is the measure of the force that is required to let something reach the point when it breaks. You must check whether the tensile strength for the adhesive band you are buying is high. 
  • Elongation: You must also check to what extent the adhesive band is flexible. Checking the elongation means stretching the bar to the furthest extent, after which it tears. To know whether your product has high elongation, you need to read the specification. 
  • Core size: The core size indicates the diameter of the band that is there in the roll. Check the specification before buying to find it out. 
  • Backing material: Generally, the backing material for white packing tape is Polypropylene, vinyl, and cloth. Read the features to know about the adhesion material before purchase. 
  • Dimensions: Never forget to check the band’s length, breadth, and width you are buying. Else, you might fall short of bands. Read the specification and find out the dimensions of the product.  
  • Types: The three types of these products have been discussed above. You must read it and know about the options from which you can select. Choose one depending on the work for which you need it.

Learn About the packing tape price From McCoy Mart

The adhesive bands are available at McCoy Mart, and you can know the price and buy them. It is an online shop where A to Z of your necessity is available. You can also get hold of a packing tape dispenser to use the adhesive bands properly. Shop from McCoy Mart and avail of bulk discounts on having a pro account. 

Specification 3M

  • Heavy-duty packaging applications
  • Durable and Dependable
  • Recycled liner paper and fiberboard
  • Easy unwind makes tape convenient to use
  • Special Water-Based Acrylic Adhesive


  • High-speed automated packaging lines
  • Flawless finish
  • Moisture-proof
  • High adhesiveness
  • Non-Toxic and Safe For Use

Packaging Tape Price List at McCoy Mart

Packaging Tape
Ardex Endura High Performance Waterproofing Tape WPT 1000
(20 Mtr X 300 mm X 1 mm)
Rs. 39,825
Abro 7230 Brown BOPP Packaging Tape
72 mm x 30 meter
Rs. 159
3M Scotch Waterproof White Packing Tape
(48 mm x 35 m)
Rs. 325
Abro 7230 Clear BOPP Packaging Tape
72 mm x 30 meter
Rs. 159
3M Scotch Waterproof Transparent Packing Tape
(2 Inch x 35 m)
Rs. 450