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Top Features to Look for Personal Fan

In order to beat the scorching heat of the summers, people usually look for optimum cooling solutions. Apart from the ceiling fans and air conditioners, the personal fan has emerged as a smart solution to offer optimum relaxation to the individuals. When you want powerful airflow within a limited space, the personal fan is the best option. While there are different models of personal fans available, you can choose the one that suits your needs. Here are some of the most desirable features every individual looks for in the personal electric fan.

  • Fan Size

Fan size is the first and foremost thing to look for while purchasing a personal fan online. As you want to fit the fan into limited space, small size is desirable. Certain personal fans also offer you the option of adjusting the height as well as the angle of the appliance. Depending on whether you want the fan to be mounted on the wall or placed on a desk, you can select the right size personal fan.

  • Noise Level

A mini personal fan that produces a lot of noise can be very disturbing for the individuals. More than providing the required comfort, the fan may create an unpleasant atmosphere in the home or office. While choosing personal fans, makes sure to find the ultra-quiet ones. With little or no noise, the fans can actually serve the desired purpose.

  • Portability

Portability is one of the most significant features that most individuals look for in personal fans. As they are specifically designed for personal use, you would like to carry them wherever you go. The best portable personal fan is usually very light in weight. It enables you to carry the fan from one room to the other much conveniently.

  • Color Options

When you are looking to buy a small personal desk fan, you would like to buy one that goes well with the interiors of your room or office. As they are placed on the desk, choosing the right colored fan makes the room look good. While there are a number of color options available ranging from black grey to cherry red, aqua blue, and more, you can choose the appropriate color personal fan to suit your room.

  • Ease of Use

Ease of use is another important feature to consider. Make sure to buy personal fan that is user-friendly. The personal fans that are packed with simple features can ensure you hassle-free operation. You can easily adjust the fan settings and conveniently handles all the features irrespective of where you move the personal fan.

  • Speed

As the personal fans are used to provide enhanced cooling solutions to the individuals, the speed of the fan does matter a lot. The speed can be determined as the number of revolutions per minute. Choosing a high-speed personal fan can help you beat the heat effectively and offers you the optimum comfort you need.

  • Air Circulation

While buying a personal fan, make sure to purchase one that properly circulates the air and offers you fresh air. The best personal fan helps in improving the air circulations and provides you with optimum comfort, whether at home or office.

  • Energy Savings

Every individual wants to avail of the energy-saving appliances for their home that can help in saving big on the electricity bills. The personal fans that are equipped with advanced technology can help you save energy efficiency. By considering how much electricity the personal fan consumes, you can make the right choice for increased energy savings.

  • Guarantee

A personal fan that offers you warranty ensures its optimum functionality for a longer duration. While buying a personal fan, make sure to consider the guarantee period and avail the best one. Most personal fans of the top brands will offer you a guarantee on your purchase. Apart from all the considerations mentioned above, you also need to look at the personal fan price. Looking for all the desired features can help you buy the perfect personal fan for your home or office. Being compact as well as portable, the personal fans can be easily placed at any corner of your home. It proves to be a smart investment to meet all your personal cooling needs efficiently.

Popular Brands of Personal Fans

 Havells Personal Fan Specification:

  • Two step speed control
  • Multi directional adjustment for desired wind flow
  • Deep pitched blades
  • Designed blades

Buy Now : Havells Personal Fan

Luminous Personal Fan Specification:

    • Available in low noise output too
    • High speed performance
    • High air delivery
    Best Quality Fans Available at McCoy Mart
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    Rs 1,500
    Mini Ceiling Fan
    Rs 2,500
    Ceiling Fan With Light
    Rs 7,310
    Outdoor Ceiling Mounted Fan
    Rs 2,880
    Industrial Exhaust Fan
    Rs 1,023