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Plastic Chair

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Buy Plastic Chair Online At Affordable Price

Monoblock seat is another name of the Modern Plastic Chair. They are made from thermoplastic polypropylene, which makes them light in weight. They can be used anywhere in the house. Whether it is your residence or your office or your garden, you can use these seats anywhere. It is made by heating the granules to 220 degrees Celsius and then putting them into the mold. Polymer seats are always on demand in the market since it's arrival. It is light in weight and portable. There are sufficient brands from which you can buy these stools. They offer seats that are made of high-quality polymer. They are also available in an affordable range. The advantage of purchasing Plastic Chairs for Home is that you get them at an affordable price, yet the quality is good.

Supreme furniture manufactures the best pliable furniture for your home, office, restaurants, or any commercial place with excellent quality, function, and styles. It is India's first pliable furniture processing Industry which sells a wide range of designer plastic chairs. The company provides you with a vast range of sitting appliances that are different in design, model, and comfort. However, McCoy Mart provides you ample supplies of Supreme furniture at an affordable price range and discounts. It showcases various fancy plastic chairs that can be chosen according to the decor or interior of your preferred space. Adding to that, you can also help yourself with an eye-catching color combination of the furniture available with preferred designs and models. 

Categories and Sub-Categories

There are different ways and forms of varying designing processes of polymer seater furniture. These categories are subdivided according to the style, color, pattern, and comfort of an individual. So, to discuss the types, they are-

  • With arms

these are the most demanding and Comfortable plastic chairs sold by McCoy Mart. They have support at the sitting space's realms, which help in giving comfort to your arms. They are sub-categorized based on different features.

  • Optra Monobloc

it is designed with a bold designing process that can suit any space, interior, or exterior. It is one of the modern plastic chairs in marble beige color with good durability and comfortability.  

  • Futura Premium

this particular round plastic chairs can add an aesthetic and pleasing look to any setting. Its elegant, classy look, molded construction, excellent longevity, easy maintenance, sturdy legs, and extra comfort makes it suitable to use. Moreover, it comes in various colors like villa green, mehndi green, wenge, champagne, black, dark beige, and globus brown.

  • Victoria Monobloc 

It is similar to Optra monobloc but has certain salient features which make it different from it. It has higher back support than Optra and, thus, can be used at any place. It has a versatile color combination of teakwood and marble beige. Therefore, these can be used as good plastic garden chairs.

  • Villa premium

Its contemporary design makes its best plastic chairs for home. It provides a comfortable seating experience. Its portability, functionality, eco-friendly nature, high-grade resin texture, and elegant design make it useful for indoor and outdoor applications. Thus, consider this as the best plastic chairs for living room of your house.

  • Texas Premium

It comes in a good variety of color samples of black, milky white, globus brown, amber gold, and dark beige. Made with gas injection technology, these plastic dining chairs have a weaved cane look at the back support, which shows aesthetic integrity and makes the place look charming.   

  • Empire Premium

This is the most latest and demanding furniture sold by McCoy Mart, which provides a woody texture to it. This is because it is made of glass polymer and offers a sophisticated look for the interior/exterior space.

  • Cambridge Premium

One of its excellent features is its high armrest, study legs, long back, and pleasant colors. It has a rattan finish with rounded corners, which ensures safety. It is ideal to be used in offices, restaurants, and homes. It is an excellent choice to be used as Plastic office chairs. 

  • Without Arm

These stylish plastic chairs have no armrest by the side of its corners. These are generally used in outdoor spaces like restaurants, cafeterias, gardens. These are sub-categorized into - 

  • Omega Premium

This is a durable stacked seat that provides an array of gold, black, white, and brown colors. It is made of glass fiber polymers, which makes it waterproof and easy to maintain. It can be used as an excellent plastic restaurant chairs.

  • Dream Armless

It is one of the highest-selling and cheap plastic chairs, which can be seen in many outdoor food spaces. It has an upright sitting, which supports the spin perfectly. Thus, these monobloc types of furniture are very durable. McCoyMart provides you with a variety of colors from black to brown to ochre. 

  • Oasis Premium

These particular branded plastic chairs are famous because of its wide combed back support design, making it attractive to the buyers. It is long-lasting, durable, and waterproof, which makes it very much demanding. It is multipurpose polymer seating furniture available in various colors like black, parrot green, red, globus brown, and mehndi green.

  • Foldable plastic chairs

These are the easy carrying furniture. These are used or seen in many places, whether commercial or residential, or official. It is an evergreen and pleasing furniture for any space. These plastic folding chairs have a wide opening at the back for good airflow passage within the furniture itself. These can be very pleasing to the eyes because of their informal look. It is available in a wide array of colors like black and brown.

  • Nylon

It is incredibly solid and can be molded to give it a proper shape. Generally, it is not readily available as a single component. It is not accessible in numerous structures, which has many extraordinary qualities. 

  • Acrylic

They are available in thick hues and are mostly hazy and straightforward. Two sorts of acrylic are not regarded, though being polymer as they are hard, making them less adaptable. 

  • PVC and uPVC

They are stiff and rigid, but light in weight and hard. uPVC is used for polymer windows and channels and is used for outside. At the same time, PVC, after getting molded, is used for adaptable applications. 

  • Polythene

These components do not have any scope of reuse as they turn into gas fumes once molded. 

  • Polypropylene

They have a waxy texture, which is exceptionally shabby. They can be curled more than once without infringement.

  • Bakelite

They are a thermosetting polymer which is used as a composite strength with paper or other material. They are commonly used for making circuit sheets and warmth protector parts in gadgets. 

  • Epoxy resin

They can be used as a paste or strengthened with carbon fiber to receive a proper solid material, light in weight. 

  • Melamine

It is a thermoset that is extraordinarily intense and does not react to warmth. Though they are commonly available in white, it can be colored in different colors. 

Importance of Comfortable Plastic Chairs

Branded Plastic Chairs are used almost in every household or office for sitting. The high demand for Stylish Plastic Chairs is increasing day by day. Below are some of the crucial reasons for which the popularity of these seats are yet indomitable:

  • They are cheap from seats made of wood or metal. 
  • Being cheap and affordable, they are durable too.
  • They are not only comfortable but stylish.
  • There are no chances of breaking even if it falls roughly. 
  • The maintenance cost is too low. You need not spend extra money on them as you have to for a wooden or metal seat. 
  • Using polymer stools will help you stop cutting down trees in a considerable amount to make seats.
  • You can keep them outside or anywhere, and it will not rust. It is waterproof, and if you keep them in the rain, nothing happens.
  • You can use Plastic Chairs for Living Room too.

Various Kinds of Designer Plastic Chairs

To differentiate between two polymer seats, you have to look at the type of polymer used to make them. The two kinds of polymer from which seats are generally made are thermoplastic and thermosets. The thermoplastic can be chiseled (by injection mold, vacuum-formed blow mold). Examples of such molded ones are PVC, polypropylene, acrylic, polythene. Thermosets are shaped by heating. But once it gets heated, it cannot be molded as it becomes like concrete. They cannot be reheated; during heating, you have to give its shape. Some examples of this kind are melamine used in kitchen, polyester, bakelite, and epoxy resins.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying the Best Plastic Chairs for Home

There are specific pointers that you should keep in mind while buying polymer seats. They are:

  • Style

You should choose Fancy Plastic Chairs by looking at the style. There are various styles available from which you can choose. Style is an essential parameter as you buy seats. They will add the aesthetic quality to your house and sitting style.

  • Color

Plastic Dining Chairs are always available in various colors. You will get them in the colors you want. They are available in solid colors, as well as in textures. It would be best if you choose wisely when you see through the colors. The advantage you get when you buy polymer seats is to choose from a wide range of colors available. 

  • Durability

While buying Round Plastic Chairs, you should be careful about the durability of those. Seats should be durable, or else they will not stand through. Generally, polymer seats are durable. But while purchasing, you should look at the stools' durability minutely so that you can buy the best one. 

  • Affordability

While buying Plastic Office Chairs or Plastic Restaurant Chairs, you have the criteria for buying them at an affordable rate. It is so because you need to buy them in a large quantity. If the range is reasonable, then it becomes easy to buy. Generally, polymer seats are not too costly. But depending upon the kind of material, size, style, the price varies.

Supreme Specifications

  • Primary Material – Plastic with metal finish
  • Color – Rust Brown Matte Finish
  • Monobloc chair with arm
  • Attractive Combinations
  • Versatile, stackable and virtually chairs


The cost of plastic chairs depends on its color, size, texture, material, durability, waterproof feature, etc. The cost differs when it comes to the categories of with and without arm seating furniture. The cost varies for a single set to numerous sets of furniture. Therefore, the pricing and discounts on it vary according to the quantity the particular category of furniture is bought. More the number of sets, the more discounts are provided on it. Polymer seats are termite-free. They can be adjusted with any interior you have. They are children friendly. You have various models which are made for children only. The flexibility of polymer stools makes them much more popular. They are recyclable on the one hand, and on the other, they do not support deforestation. It can be reused more than any other material. They are durable and suitable for all seasons and climates.

To give an idea of cost, a set of 4 seats cost around 3000/- at its lowest and t10,000/- at his highest. Hence, once again, the price varies when filters are provided as per the preferences. Along with the cost, warranty cards are also handed. This is why McCoy Mart is considered to be the best place to buy home furniture. It provides original products from brands with good prices and easy returnable features. Thus, when searching for good home furnitures or suites for interior spaces in a house, do give a keep look at the lists of furniture provided by McCoy Mart, a trustable marketplace for daily needs. If you properly dispose of the polymer furniture, it can be reused and recycled correctly, reducing its effect on the environment. You can buy a polymer seat online at McCoy Mart. They are a reliable shopping portal giving you good discounts.

Popular Brand of  Chairs

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