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Best Offer On Electric Plug Available on McCoy Mart

While any electrical gadget is repaired at home or office, you might need an electric plug. They are the part that enters the socket and transports power to the device. Besides getting them in numerous colors, you will find them in many amperes. The commonly available ones are the 6A, 16A, and 25A. The product is heavy-duty, long-lasting, and generally has nickel-coated brass pins for high-level conductivity.

Apart from it, the product is constructed from polycarbonate, which makes the item fire-retardant. The power plug is flexible to hold and comes with a glossy finish and three pins. Often they are accessible with indicators. An indicator glows on the plug as you switch on the socket, signifying that the power supply is on. In addition, they are available in all online and offline stores at affordable prices.

Learn About The Properties of 3 pin plug

Before buying this product, you must know about the different properties it has. It will help you to understand the item and purchase the correct model. The remarkable properties of these pins are:

  • Resistant to corrosion

since the products are made from polycarbonate, they don't rust. Moreover, they become very durable and can withstand all types of environments too.

  • Resistant to dirt and dust

The three-pin plug is resistant to dust because they have a glossy finish. Even the pins are designed so elegantly that dust does not accumulate on them.

  • Indicator

The pins have got indicators that glow when the power is on. They signify that the connection is live. Moreover, these indications are helpful in commercial places and dimly lighted areas to understand that the power supply is on. 

  • Fire-retardant

Another essential property of the 3 pin power plug is that it is resistant to fire. It lessens the chances of short circuits and breakdowns too.

  • Watertight

A watertight device signifies that it is constructed not to let water get in it. Besides that, it ensures your safety too.

  • High conductivity

The 3 point plug has a high conductivity because of the pins they have. The pins are made from brass and plated with nickel. The brass content also ensures the proper longevity of the item. 

  • Flexy holds

It is of no use if you cannot connect or disconnect the pins fast. Commonly, all of these products have a flexi grip that enables you to hold them.

  • Multiple usages

The three-point plug is used for numerous gadgets and pieces of machinery like computers, inverters, pumps, inductions, televisions, extension boards, and where not. They are a demandable item in all spheres: residential, industrial, commercial, or medical. They are fitted to any gadgets. 

Know About The Best Brands To Buy From

When you need an electric plug, the crucial part is to select the best brand. We understand your confusion and thus are here to help you in choosing the brand. Unfortunately, many companies claim to be the best but produce faulty items. Therefore, check both the affordability and quality of the item before you buy it. The brands whom we recommend are Crabtree, Havells, and Orient. 

  • Crabtree

There is no better option than Crabtree when it comes to combining technology and aesthetics. They deliver electronic pins that have a broad working voltage band. Besides that, the material used to make the item is polycarbonate. The products are reasonable and are UV stabilized and of FR grade. Crabtree is also famous for delivering other electronic items in the market. 

  • Havells

Havells does not require any exaggerated introduction as it is pretty famous for manufacturing many electrical goods. They have a wide range of quality products that meet customers’ needs, from wires to appliances. Furthermore, the pins from this brand are also available in all online and offline marts. Their affordability also makes them the best seller.  

  • Orient

Orient is another big brand that manufactures quality cooling items and electrical goods. They manufacture this product in fancy ways using proper technology. Moreover, their products last long and come in bi-color—the pins suit with all sorts of decor. Orient also manufactures reasonable electronic pins, keeping in mind the customer’s need, unlike the other two companies. 

Glimpse Through The Things To Consider Before Buying

Before purchasing any product, you must be sure that it is perfect. To ensure an accurate and regretless purchase, you should check certain things before buying. The things to consider when you buy a plug online are:

  • Ampere

The first essential thing to check before buying the product is its ampere. The pins are commonly available in 6A, 16A, and 25A models. Buy one that meets your requirements. 

  • Material

Generally, polycarbonate, a plastic kind of material, is used to construct these pins. They are not only sturdy but also long-lasting. You must see that the model you choose is made from this material. You should see whether the pins are of brass and coated with nickel or not. 

  • Resistance

Before buying this product, check whether it is resistant to dust and dirt, besides all sorts of climate and fire. Go to the specifications and features to learn about them in detail. 

  • Brand

The three best-selling brands with quality products have been discussed above. Check it before buying and choose a brand that matches your requirement and taste. 

  • Cost

The plug price is not high, so you don’t need to dig much into your pocket to buy one. However, before buying it, check the specifications to know about the price of the model you select. 

  • Design

The product is available in multiple designs and colors to choose from. Select one that you think is the best match for your purpose. Some of the models also have indicators. You can even select them. 

Enquire About The 3 Pin Plug Price From McCoy Mart

McCoy Mart is a reliable online shop to make your purchases from. For example, you can buy electrical plugs from this store. Moreover, you can check the price and detailed specifications before buying. Use the various parameters to set your goal in finding the ideal item from the store. Browse through the brands that this store has before buying.

Features of Plugs

  • Elegant Design with glossy finish
  • Long-life due to heavy-duty solid brass contact
  • Fire retardant polycarbonate body for enhanced safety
  • Long-lasting polycarbonate plastic material
  • Nickel-plated brass terminals For Higher conductivity

Best Selling Plugs Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Starting Price
Orient 6A 3 Pin Top Plug
Rs. 55
Havells 6 A 3 Pin Plug (AHLGXXW063)
Rs. 60
Orient 6A 3 Pin With Indicator Top Plug
Rs. 69
Crabtree 6 A 3 Pin Plug with ISI marking (White)
Rs. 99
Havells Lifesavior Plug 16 A (AHLP301600)
Rs. 661