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Roff Pidilite Power-Flex Multipurpose White Tile/Stone Adhesive - 20 Kg
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Roff Pidilite Power-Flex Multipurpose White Tile/Stone Adhesive - 20 Kg, T 20

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Roff Pidilite Power-Flex Multipurpose White Tile/Stone Adhesive - 20 Kg


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Product Specification

(L) 47 (W) x 41 (H) x 9 cm
For exterior application for big tiles
20 Kg
Model No.
T 20
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Roff Pidilite Power-Flex Multipurpose White Tile/Stone Adhesive - 20 Kg

Product Description

Roff is a brand under Pidilite Umbrella for a broad range of tile and stone care and fixing products.

Key Features:

  • Standard Compliance/ Specification Conforms to class C2TES1 as per EN 12004: 2017 - a cementitious (C) improved Performance (2) slip resistant (T) deformable (S1) with extended open time (E) tile adhesive
  • It is a white coloured, polymer enriched, cementitious flexible tile adhesive with extended open time and reduced slip for thin bed fixing of fully vitrified ceramic tiles, large format tiles, porcelain mosaic tiles and non-moisture sensitive natural stones in interior or exterior situations.
  • Especially those exposed to permanently wet conditions or substrates subject to deformations.
  • High Polymer modified
  • Deformable
  • Multipurpose
  • For exterior application for big white tiles and stones

Technical Specification

  • Appearance : Cement White Powder Mixing ratio : Approx. 1 part of water: 2.5 - 3 Powder by volume 0.330 kg of water + 1 kg of powder by weight.
  • Mixed Density : 1.6 - 1.7 kg/ litre.
  • Open time : Minimum 30 minutes
  • Pot life : approx. 60 - 90 minute
  • Adjustability : approx. 45 minutes
  • Trafficable/ Grouting time : 24 hours
  • Temperature of the air, substrates : 5degree C to 35degree C and materials Conforms to class C2TES1 as per EN 12004: 2017 a)
  • Drying condition : ≥1 N/mm2 b) Heat ageing condition : ≥1 N/mm2 c)
  • Wet condition : ≥1 N/mm2 d) Transversal deformation : ≥2.5 mm
  • Adhesive thickness : 3 -12 mm
  • Coverage : 6.5 - 7 m2/ 20 kg Bag at 3 mm thickness, 3 - 3.5 m2/ 20 kg Bag at 6 mm thickness, 1.2 kg/ m2 per mm of thickness

Method of Application

  • Substrate Preparation Before starting any work ensure that the surface is :The substrate must be solid, clean, dry, loadbearing.
  • Oil stains, bond-inhibiting surfaces and contaminations must be thoroughly removed. Irregularities on walls and floor are to be levelled with suitable material.
  • Sufficiently flat to permit the specified flatness of finished tiling, bearing in mind the permissible thickness of the adhesive.
  • Suitable for tiling in the service conditions to which it will be exposed.
  • Mixing : Take gauging water in a clean mixing vessel.
  • Add 2.5 to 3 parts of powder to 1 part of water.
  • Mix with a suitable mechanical stirrer or slow speed drills (50 - 100 rpm) until a lump free homogeneous paste is obtained.
  • Always mix the required quantity, which can be consumed within 60 minutes
  • Leave mixture for 5 min. before using. No further water should be added.
  • Spread not more than the area which can be tiled within the open time of the adhesive.
  • Comb the adhesive to the required depth using a suitable notch trowel.
  • Press the tiles firmly into position with a slight twisting action, checking periodically that good contact is maintained with the back of each tile. Leave no voids behind tiles.
  • Tiles must be fixed within 30 minutes of adhesive being applied, depending on the porosity of the surface and atmospheric conditions.
  • Tiles can be adjusted up to 10 minutes after fixing.
  • Touch the adhesive ribs periodically and if a skin has formed, remove the adhesive and apply a new layer.
  • If required, Roff Power-Flex Adhesive can additionally be buttered on the backs of the tiles to ensure full adhesive contact.
  • Use suitable clamps along with adhesive at the time of installation of tiles at height of more than 6m.
  • Leave adequate joints between individual wall and floor tiles using spacers.
  • Clean off surplus adhesive from the tile face and between joints.
  • Clean tools and tile work with water while adhesive is fresh

Precautions and Note

  • Always add powder to water and never add water to powder.
  • Do not add excess water than recommended.
  • Never add sand and cement at site.
  • For laying tiles on floor, surface should be sufficiently hard and good condition.
  • Do not use the adhesive to correct surface irregularities greater than 15 mm
  • Protect from direct rainfall/ foot traffic for at least 24 hours
  • Leave movement joints at every 3m vertical interval and fill with a flexible sealant

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