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Somany Bathware Geyser

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Best Buy Offer On Somany Geysers Available on McCoy Mart

One of the best feelings in the world is stepping into a hot shower or a bath after a long day or starting your morning with. It gives you a sense of positivity and allows you to enjoy every second of it. With winter already here, your need to have a hot bath increases with each day, and for those who want to make the most of it, a good Somany Geyser is a great bet! You can be perplexed with the range of options available, which is why our offering for the best geyser could change your opinion. If you're planning to purchase a new one or replace an older version, then you need to know exactly what to look for when you're buying it. From the type, size, and even the technology, there are plenty of factors that go into making a Somany Electric Geyser, and we can help you find the perfect one for your home!

Let's Know All About Somany

Somany comes with a range of futuristic heaters that can suit any requirement with ease. With cutting-edge technology, there are so many hi-tech features that you can enjoy. Somany Water Geysers are best purely because they come with triple-shield technology, among other excellent features. These include an inner tank coated with sapphire enamel layer to deem it highly resistant to corrosion and durable.

The hi-tech features that Somany Instant Geyser possesses will never run out of style, with the insulated body and the pre-set thermal cut out featuring a much-needed thermostat. Five main functions are present in the geyser, and it is designed so that it can discharge and release any pressure once the same is overshot. These geysers are the second-highest when it comes to using a source of energy in the home, but with Somany, that number reduces. The Somany Hot Water Geyser heaters are designed to act as an easy choice across parameters, including performance, energy savings, reliability, and conservation of energy as required. They can also save on any required utility bills and energy to help protect the environment.

Choosing as Per Your Need

You must not be concerned with regards to the dimension of the heater that you want to pick. You can relax in the knowledge that you can ensure you enjoy the warm water at almost a fraction of the actual price. With the range available, you can choose one that suits any of your needs. Whether it's the Somany Geyser 10 ltr, Somany Geyser 25 ltr, or the Somany Geyser 15 ltr, you can enjoy top-notch service regarding functionality and design. The Picardy is also available as Horizontal and Vertical and looks stunning, adding to your bathroom's overall aesthetics. It also addresses the space constraint, with the range available, making it easier to handle any requirement. In case you even want hot water in the kitchen sinks and basins, there are products available for the same. With the Elise Instra compactly available to provide instant hot water no matter what your need may be.

Somany Bathware Geyser Specifications

  • Heater Type - Water Heater Storage, Electric Geyser
  • Body Material - Metal Rust Proof
  • Application - Bathroom, High rise Buildings
  • Indicators - Power and Heat Indicator

Why Choose This Product From Us?

With McCoy Mart, you can access a wide range of some of the best Somany heaters available. No matter what your requirement is, we'll be able to source the perfect heater, so all your needs are taken care of. The site is super functional, making it easy for you to add the necessary filters and gain access to the product of your choice. Head over to the site right away and begin your journey towards creating a lovely home, with a range of products designed for your comfort and needs!

Best Selling Somany Bathware Geyser Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Starting Price
Elise 3 Star Water Heater, 6 Litre
Rs. 6,800
Elise 5 Star Water Heater, 10 Litre
Rs. 7,476
Picardy 4 Star Water Heater, 15 Litre
Rs. 7,800