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Spray Adhesive

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Choose From The Best Range of Spray Adhesive Available Online at McCoy Mart

Spray adhesive is one of the easiest ways to use glue. It is available in pressurized cans from which you can drizzle. The glue comes out as a mist and can be applied very smoothly on any surface you want to. It gives a consistent coating for pasting or fixing anything. It is one of the perfect options for craft, furniture, clothing, school projects, and decoration. You just need a few seconds to apply it. Besides that, they are available in many types and you can buy them very easily from online and offline stores. This glue is also ideal for repairing furniture and leather. This glue can bond metal, acrylic, foam, fabric, cardboard, wood, foil, glass, rubber, and plastic very firmly. The Spray mount adhesive is also available at reasonable rates.

Below are the Types of Products that this Glue have

There are three types of Spray adhesive for foam available in the market. They are classified into types based on their performance. The three types of this glue are: 

  • General-purpose drizzle glue: The general purpose drizzle glue is the most ordinary type of glue that is used in crafts, and other items that stay indoors and are not exposed to the sun. This type of glue is also called Fabric glue spray as it sticks fabric properly. You can get them easily in all shops and online marts. It is the most ordinary type of glue.
  • High-performance drizzle glue: This type of glue is also known as Powerful adhesive spray as it can bond items that are heavier than paper or craft items and even fabric. This type of glue can make the bond of glass, metal, wood, and plastic. They are available everywhere at affordable rates. This type of drizzle glue is very useful for small-scale industries. They are suitable for items that are placed indoors. 
  • Heavy duty spray adhesive: The heavy-duty drizzle glues can be used outdoors and can be used in fixing or repairing the furniture, and other heavy items properly. They are a bit different from the other two types of drizzle and are a bit costlier also. They are also available in all leading online and offline marts. It makes the work of bonding much easier.

Best spray adhesive Brand to Choose, for Buying 

There are many brands now that manufacture drizzle glues. This type of glue has a high demand in the market and thus many companies produce them and claim to be the best brand. However, it is really difficult to understand or find out which is the best Fabric adhesive spray brand. We in this guide will make your work easy and help you to find out the best brand on whom you can rely. It is Tensor Grip. 

Tensor Grip is marketed by Quin Global, who are the innovators of this drizzle glues. They manufacture proper quality products at affordable rates. They use the latest technology to manufacture their products and blend innovation into them. Other than that, the product from this company is widely available and you can get them easily. This Adhesive spray glue brand is the best-selling brand too. All these factors make it the best brand and so you should choose it for buying drizzle glues. 

Mandatory Factors to Consider and Check before Buying

There are some factors that you need to remember when you are buying Repositionable spray adhesive. This will help you to buy the perfect product without any regret and you will not face any problem with it shortly. The things that you must remember to check are: 

  • Types: Three types of this product are available in the market. You must go through the discussion above and choose one that will be perfect for your needs. You can also contact your mechanic for the heavy-duty world to know about the type of glue required. For craft, work you can easily rely on the general-purpose drizzle glue. 
  • Brands: Several brands claim them to be the best but they are not. It is really difficult to choose the best brand for this type of glue. Under the above pointers, we have discussed largely the brand. You can follow that and buy one which will be ideal for your purpose. Choose a Vinyl adhesive spray brand very cautiously so that the purpose for which you are buying it is successful. 
  • Affordability: The Clear spray adhesive is affordable and you don't have to dig much into your pocket for buying one. You can easily get them at a reasonable price. However, you should check the price of the item before buying or adding it to the cart. 
  • Can size: These glues are available in pressurized cans as it is easy to drizzle from them. You must check the size of the can from the specification column, to be sure about the weight of the product. This will allow you to buy the perfect number of items that you will need. 

Worrying, Where to Buy from?

You need not worry about where to buy from as McCoy Mart is there. You can easily buy Wallpaper adhesive spray from there at affordable rates. Moreover, you can browse through the plethora of items it has got. There are several types of items from sanitary ware to hardware and furniture to appliances in this online store. You can purchase products according to your needs. You will get A to Z of your requirement from this store. You can also know about the price of products and compare it with other brands. If you have a pro account you can avail of bulk discounts. So why wait? Go to the app or website of McCoy Mart to buy the product of your choice!


  • Citrus Scent
  • Biodegradable
  • Non Corrosive
  • Fast Acting
  • Temperature Rating - 85°C
  • High Initial Strength

Spray Adhesive Price List at McCoy Mart

Spray Adhesive
Tensor Grip TG.X40 - 1 Spray Adhesive
(500 ml)
Rs. 904
Tensor Grip TG.53 Spray Adhesive Canister
(22 Litre)
Rs. 20,460
Tensor Grip TG.115 - 1 Spray Adhesive Can
(500 ml)
Rs. 939
Tensor Grip TG.53 - 2 Spray Adhesive Can (Pack of 2)
(500 ml)
Rs. 1,808
Tensor Grip TG.53 - 3 Spray Adhesive Can (Pack of 3)
(500 ml)
Rs. 2,711