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Best Offer On Wood Finish Steel Doors Available On McCoy Mart

The Wood finish steel door is gaining popularity due to its longevity. The gates neither rust nor do they erode from termite attacks. Moreover, they are suitable for all weather types. These embossed gates are a perfect blend of strength and beauty. They are ideal as front and interior entrances too. Apart from that, you can get them in many designs and colors. You will not need to maintain the gates too much. Moreover, they are resistant to fire too. Be it our office, home, or apartment, and you can easily choose one. Besides providing security, they will also make your property beautiful.

Are You Curious To Know About The Steel Wood Door Types?

If you plan to buy an iron gate with timber polish, you must know about the various types. Well, these entrances are classified based on the finishes they have. There are five finishes in which the gates are available. Check them to know about the colors and select them according to your choice.

  • Burgundy Teak

This Wooden steel door has a shiny surface and is bright in color. They are accessible in many designs and sizes. Being a ready-to-install gate, they have proper latching systems. It is ideal for external use too. The finishing appears to be brickish in color.

  • Lava Teak

The lava teak shade of these gates has a brownish finish. They provide you proper security and are repellent to borer and termites. They are available in all online marts. Five block panel and six block panel designs are the common styles in which they are available.

  • Nest Mahogany

Nest mahoganies are embossed gates that are reddish-brown in color. Besides being available in many styles, they last long. You need to do significantly less maintenance for this entryway. This Steel door with a wooden finish is suitable for commercial and residential buildings. They are also resistant to fire, termite, and moisture.

  • Sun Teak

They are light brown in the shade and have excellent latches that provide proper security. Moreover, these doors are available in three styles. You can choose the one as your requirement is. However, if you need more than one gate, you can select all of them to be fitted in various parts of your property. As they don't rust, you can also use them for your bathrooms.

  • Trunk Mahogany

The trunk mahogany Steel door with wood veneer has a dark brown embossed shade. It also has five and six-panel block designs and is of high quality. As they are ready to install models, they are available in many sizes. The high-grade iron is adequately treated to produce these gates. These entrances can also bear all types of weather without reacting. Being moisture resistant, they don't swell during monsoons.

Look At The Best Seller To Buy Steel Security Doors with Wooden Finish

The increasing demand for these iron gates with timber polish has surfaced. As the gates are sturdy and rustproof, any customers prefer them yet have a polished finish. They also fit in well with all types of home and office decor. However, when it comes to brand selection, you face a problem with whom to choose! We are here to help you by suggesting the best seller you can buy these gates from.

Tata Pravesh is the ideal brand you should choose for purchasing Steel doors that look like wood. It is an extension of Tata steel that provides you with robust quality gates. Moreover, the brand is trustworthy for delivering quality iron products, starting from windows to ventilators. During any fire hazard, these gates will remain unaffected. Furthermore, they are a perfect blend of modern technology with elegance. You can also get a five-year warranty on purchasing an iron gate with timber polish from this brand. Due to its longevity and affordability, the brand evolves to be indomitable in the market.

Take A Note Of The Factors To Check Before Buying Wood Look Steel Doors

Unlike any other product, there are some factors that you need to check before buying. It will not only help you in having a proper purchase but also know about the product appropriately. The pointers that you need to note and remember to check before buying are:

  • Types

There are five types of this gate based on the shades they are available. They have been discussed above, and you must know them before buying. You can select the type that suits your decor. If it is your office, choose one that has a corporate look. Nonetheless, you can select a casual one for your home.

  • Resistance

While buying gates, check whether it is resistant to fire, termite, and moisture. Read the detailed specifications to know more about the features of the entrance. Though iron gates are sturdy, you still must check these pointers before buying.

  • Warranty

Though the longevity of Steel front doors that look like wood is undeniable, you should still know about the warranty. In case you face some problem, you can get a replacement or repair with the gate.

  • Price

The cost of the gate varies from model to model. However, these gates are a bit pricey. As it is a one-time investment and you can opt for it. Moreover, the product is a value for the investment you make.

  • Styles

The gates are styled in many designs, and you can buy one that suits your taste. There are five and six-panel block designs in variations. Apart from being trendy, they fit in all types of decor your home has. Moreover, they are single-fold Wood look steel entry doors with large breadth.

Visit McCoy Mart Without Worry To Purchase Doors

McCoy Mart is an online shopping destination where you can get many items from home improvement to kitchen appliances at affordable prices. You can check their specifications, compare them with other brands, learn about the features and what not. You can browse through a plethora of Steel door wood looks and then select the one you want. Besides that, you can get GST invoices and bulk discounts if you own a pro account.

Best Selling Steel Doors Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Dimensions Starting Price
Tata Pravesh Pearl E05 Classic Max Embossed Wood Finish Steel Door - 1067X2057 (Sun Teak)
(1067 W x 2057 H) mm
Rs. 29,146
Tata Pravesh Pearl E05 Classic Pro Embossed Wood Finish Steel Door - 1100X2100 (Nest Mahogany)
(1100 W x 2100 H) mm
Rs. 29,146
Tata Pravesh Pearl E05 Classic Embossed Wood Finish Steel Door - 1016X1905 (Burgundy Teak)
(1016 W x 1905 H) mm
Rs. 29,146