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Stone Adhesive

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Buy Stone adhesive Online At Affordable Price

The Stone adhesive is used to fix granite and marble as well as large tiles and tiles which are installed in areas with high moisture. They are also used to fix ceramic tiles and other stones in the interior and exterior of the house or office. You can easily buy them online or offline stores. They are available in various sizes either in packets or cans. Many companies manufacture them. They are polymer-based products. They can properly hold the tone at a place due to its cementitious nature. They are flexible and are also ideal for porcelain mosaic tiles too. While some come in powdered form, some are available in liquid form. The color of the adherent differs from product to product. They are either transparent, white, or yellow. They can also fill cracks and holes besides holding the tile properly. The Exterior stone adhesive is UV resistant also which makes them the ideal choice for the outside. The hardening time also differs from product to product, but once it hardens, the bond remains strong. 

Know about the various types of Stone fixing adhesive

Many types of this product are classified for the different purposes they are used for. They also vary in texture. You must know about these mortars before buying them as it will help you to choose the correct product for your use. The three types are: 

  • Cement-based stone tile adhesive: The cement-based product which is also known as the mortar is available in two types. You can say, it can be further classified into two categories. The thin and thick adherent. This type is ideal for stones that are nonporous like marble or granite. Their texture is either gray or white. You can easily get them from online and offline stores. They are attainable at reasonable rates. 
  • Stone adhesive epoxy: This type is the strongest type of bond and it is the trendiest category of adherent to fix tiles. They are not only effective but also proper in the formulation which bonds two items successfully. The ingredient for this adherent epoxy is flexible enough and that makes it ideal for exterior tiling. Thus, they are known as Outdoor stone adhesive. You can buy this type of product easily. They are the most common type used now. 
  • Polymer Stone cladding adhesive: Polymer is also flexible like epoxy and is used widely throughout. They are properly available in all marts and you can buy them at affordable rates always. Besides being easy to use, they are also effective too.

Take a note of the best brands who manufacture this adherent

Many brands manufacture this product in the market. It is difficult for you to choose the Best adhesive for stone brands as you will get confused. We are here to help you out in doing that. Here is the shortlist of the brands manufacturing this product. The brands are: 

  • Akemi: Akemi is the brand that manufactures this product for a long time. They deliver quality products at reasonable rates. Besides being available at all stores their product is effective too. They cater to the needs of the customer before producing. 
  • Ferrolit: Ferrolit is another company that manufactures Marble fixing adhesive which effectively bonds the marvel with the surface. They are available in all online and offline stores. You can easily buy them from McCoy Mart. This company manufactures products that are globally sold. You can trust them not only because they are reasonable but also for their quality. 
  • Roff: Roff is another brand that manufactures very effective products. Their products are available in bags or pouches. Besides being effective they are reasonable. You can buy them from online as well as offline stores. They never compromise with quality and manufactured products fusing innovation and quality.

Here are the things that you should not forget to check before buying Polyester stone adhesive

There are certain things that you need to consider before buying any type of product. While buying this type of adherent too you need to check certain things before buying. If you keep them in mind they will help you to purchase the perfect product required for your usage. They are: 

  • Types: You must look at the types before buying Marble adhesive from online or offline marts. There are three types of this product and you should keep them in mind. You can also read the details of each type before buying to know the purpose it is used in. This will help you to buy the product that will be ideal for your bonding. 
  • Brands: It is really difficult to shortlist the brands that manufacture Adhesive for granite. Many brands claim them to be the best brand, however, they aren't. You should choose the brand wisely before buying. We have shortlisted the brand, and you can go through them and then select the brand. 
  • Price: The Marble joint adhesive is not at all highly priced. They are available at reasonable rates. You can get them without digging much into your pocket. All you need to do is fix a budget and then go to buy.

Why will I choose McCoy Mart to buy?

If you have this question in mind, we will answer you! McCoy Mart is an online store where you will get many items starting from hardware to furniture. You can browse through the plethora of products it has and then buy one. You can also know about the price of the Stone fixing adhesive pouches of various brands. Besides being straightforward to buy, this store offers you a proper discount. If you have a pro account then you can buy products at bulk discounts. You can use either the browser or the app to buy products. So why will you not choose McCoy Mart! Head to the store to buy the product of your choice.

Stone Adhesive Price List

Stone Adhesive
Akemi GEL O FIX Neutral-100 (Component A)
500 gm
Rs. 1,509
Akemi Marble Filler 1000 Transparent L-Special Waterclear
900 ml
Rs. 2,831
Ferrolit-E105 Resin Line Liquid Epoxy Stone Adhesive Component A
(1 Kg)
Rs. 1,881
Ferrolit-E105 Resin Line Liquid Epoxy Stone Adhesive Component B
(250 Gram)
Rs. 1,184
Roff Pidilite Heavy Duty Stone And Tile Fixing Adhesive
20 Kg
Rs. 1,007