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Submersible Pumps

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Best Offer On Submersible Pump Available on McCoy Mart

A Submersible Pump is submerged in the water reservoir, as the name suggests. They help in moving the water outward from the tank with the aid of the centrifugal motor. Several manufacturers produce this device in many designs for immersing them. Though the machine is placed in the water, the motor does not come in contact with it. The motor is placed in an oil-filled chamber where water cannot enter anyway. Even the motor itself is unaware of the substance it is draining.

The Submersible water pump is also of help in vacating ponds, sewerage treatment, fish tanks, and filtrating motors. They also come to great use during floods. You can use them without the trouble of the noise as the water absorbs all the sound. The motors are not only energy-efficient but also accessible at reasonable rates. You can get from many companies in all online marts. Besides being available in many sizes, there are several types in which these motors are obtainable.

Know About The Different Types Of Electric Submersible pump That Are Accessible!

The two basic types of motor available in the market are the hung machine and sump machine. Moreover, based on these two types, further classification of this machine is done. There are nearly five such common kinds of devices that are seen. Before buying an Automatic Submersible pump, you must know about its types. It will help you to understand which one is suitable for you.

  • Hung or suspended motor -The hung motor is often suspended at a water tank depth of more than 1000 feet. They are operated using the Alternative Current (AC). However, machines that are hung in tanks of 200 feet depth are driven by DC. They are mostly the Mini Submersible pump.
  • Sump motor -The sump motors are fitted in pits or sump or some lower areas. They are ideal for swimming pools and fountains. Unlike the hung machines, sump motors are also operated by using Alternative Current. Nonetheless, the Small Submersible pump can be driven by DC voltage. The grinder motors, effluent motors, bilge motors, and utility motors are all sump machines.

Based on these two types, the five types of Electric Submersible water pumps are bladder motors, grinder motors, well motors, borehole motors, fountain motors, and utility motors. You can use them for numerous applications, and they are very straightforward to use. There are irrigational and solar submerged motors too that are widely available.

Are You Speculating About Which Brand To Choose?

Besides manufacturing AC motors, several companies now manufacture DC Submersible pumps too. As they are a demanding product, many companies claim them to be the best brand. However, the reality is different. They are not the best brand. When it comes to the selection of the company, you need to be very careful. So we are here to help you out with the brands to rely upon.

  • Havells -It is one of the pioneer companies manufacturing motors now. Besides that, Havells has a reputation for producing quality electric products at a reasonable price, and the Submersible pump price is also affordable. They blend their experience with technology and produce world-class items. Even their things last for a long time, and thus they are famous and revered as the best brand.
  • Karcher -This is brand marketing item from 1935. They devise customer-friendly things that are of high quality. Besides using the best raw materials, they fuse the latest technology to create a unique Submersible sewage pump. Their machines are ideal for deep wells. Being a senior company and coming up with long-lasting products make them the best seller in the market.
  • V-guard -The company has been in the market experimenting with electrical products since 1977. They produce great motors that are helpful for your home and office too. The Submersible pump for home this company produces is durable, compact, and energy-efficient. Moreover, they use a proper stainless steel shaft and high-quality hardware that makes this brand trustworthy and the best.

As You Know The Brands To Buy From, Know The Factors To Check Before Buying!

There are some pointers to consider before buying a Submersible wastewater pump. If you keep these things in mind and then buy, you can have a regretless purchase. The factors that you should remember to check before buying are:

  • Energy efficiency -Often, you may see that the bill you pay for electricity has increased suddenly. Well, that might happen due to your motors. If the motors consume much power, you need to dig much in your pocket to pay bills. Check whether your motor is energy efficient before buying so that you don't face any problems later.
  • Insulation -You must check whether your machine has poly wrap insulation or not. Polywrap will protect your machine from burning wires. Even they are resistant to high temperatures and will not affect your motor in any way.
  • Winding -Before buying a submerged motor, do check whether the machine has a copper winding or not. Common models in the market have alloyed windings that are not valuable. You must also check whether the device has a PVC blanketing or not.
  • Shaft -In the market, you will spot that there are models with EN-8 shafts. However, avoid them as they do not last long and rust easily. Choose models that have stainless steel fats that will protect your device.
  • Seal -The seal is another essential thing to check before buying. You must see that the model you choose has an oil seal. An oil seal refers to a motor being placed in an oil chamber to avoid water coming in.
  • Cost -The Mini Submersible water pump price varies from model to model. However, they are affordable, and you do not dig much into your pocket to buy them.

Buy Top-Notch Submerged Motors From McCoy Mart.

McCoy Mart is an online store from where you can buy various items of your need. Starting from Office Furniture to home appliances, hardware to kitchen accessories, you can get everything at this mart. Even the Submersible motor pump price is discounted in this store. Besides that, you can check the specifications and then purchase a product.

Best Selling Submersible Pumps Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Starting Price
Havells Chester M05 1PH Open Well Submersible Pump - 0.5 HP
Rs. 8,950
V-guard NEON TO110 4 Inch Borewell Submersible Pump - 1.00 Horse Power
Rs. 11,751
Havells V4 Series 1PH 75M 32 16SG H3W16R1B10J Water Filled Submersible Pump - 1.0 HP
Rs. 12,988
Havells W Series WN1.5 32X25 Open Well Submersible Pump - 1.5 HP
Rs. 17,350
Karcher Deep Well Pump 700 W - (Flow Rate 4600 I/H)
Rs. 32,899