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Sunflame Hobs

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Choose From The Best Range of Sunflame Hob Available Online at McCoy Mart

One of the essential accessories or appliances in a kitchen is the stove. It is used to cook your food and heat, and they come in so many different types. From the induction, ceramic, electric, or even gas, you can choose among a range and understand how they affect efficiency or cooking performance. We've got a guide for you to know how to choose the right stove at all times. Sunflame Hobs are some of the best in the business and are known for having the best features you'd be looking for in one. With their excellent quality of service and products, the company has been relevant and famous for more than three decades and has given homemakers some of the best in the latest technology. In addition to making cooking pleasurable and luxurious, their products promise a hassle-free and efficient working life.

If you want comfort and elegance, then Sunflame Kitchen Hob is the product for you. The LPG stove will make your kitchen comfortable and elegant in all aspects, and with superior manufacturing standards, you're guaranteed some of the best in a quality product. With this household name to work with, getting the best kitchen stoves for your home becomes the most effortless process ever. The LPG stove can make your kitchen comfortable and elegant all in the same measure. With the superior manufacturing standards, you're sure only to receive the finest quality. Sunflame is known as one of the best in the business for kitchen appliances. This brand's trust and likeability as a household product have made it the clear choice for all of its customers. Their continuous pursuit of understanding each customer's necessities and needs has made them a truly innovative brand. By exploring the possibilities of new technologies, features, and designs, the brand also places an extra emphasis on R&D to help create better products for their customers.

Why Should You get Sunflame Burner Hobs?

There are plenty of touch controls available with this brand, which make them stand out from the rest. The burner stoves all come with touch controls that ensure children don't alter the settings or fiddle with these. The dual zones are present where a smaller zone is present within a larger ring. They can both be used depending on the pan size. The Sunflame Hob 4 Burner also comes with a flexible cooking zone that you can use to accommodate pans that come in varying sizes and shapes. The Sunflame Gas Hob 4 Burners are rapid and a great way to gain some flame to boost your heat requirements. They can generate high-powered heat immediately and stir-fry cook when you use a wok and bring water right to a boil sooner. An intense and rapid boost is similar to a fast burner that's ideal for stir-frying and searing meat. Some timers are present for various stove types that can give you an idea of the time taken to cook a specific meal in the kitchen. Most of these timers switch the stove off when the time is set and have an alarm that can be used to alert you when needed. The higher-spec ones from the Sunflame Gas Hob can be used to cook independently of one another.

The Sunflame Lotus is one of their range of stoves that can create magic in the kitchen. The high-quality black body is powder coated and consists of an excellent combo of loos and performance in equal measure. It's also long-lasting and durable to give you a safe and trouble-free operation. The glass and stainless steel body hold off the heat for long to ensure you're safe while cooking too. There are also automatic ignition buttons on the Sunflame Hob 3 Burner, which means it ignites whenever it's pushed in or turned. The older models also need you to hold and press the ignition button to be sparked. The built-in ones give you a choice to understand what is needed before you buy.

Why is it The Best in the Business?

Most of the stoves deliver heat immediately and have a lot of control over the flame size. They provide immediate control and heat and come with automatic ignition. The older models come with a manual ignition button, and they can have up to six zones that can be used to come up with whatever requirement. Most gas hobs are dismantled for better cleaning, but they're not easy to clean than other types. You can head over to McCoy Mart and get yourself some of the best hobs in the business so that you enjoy living a comfortable kitchen life!

Best Selling Sunflame Hobs Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Dimensions Starting Price
CT Excel 3BR Manual Ignition - 3 Burner Hob (Black)
(81.5 L X 49.5 W X 18) cm
Rs. 6,894
CT Excel 4BR Manual Ignition - 4 Burner Hob (Black)
(73.5 L X 58 W X 18) cm
Rs. 8,279
Lotus 3 BR Auto Ignition - 3 Burner Hob (Black)
(81 L X 50.5 W X 18) cm
Rs. 10,262
Lotus 4 BR Auto Ignition - 4 Burner Hob (Black)
(74 L X 58 W X 19) cm
Rs. 12,076