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Choose From The Best Range of Toilet Brush Holder Available Online at McCoy Mart

Bathroom Toilet Brush has become a fashionable item to keep in a bathroom. They come in various shapes and sizes and designs. Most of them are made of ceramic. A washroom whisk is used to mop, clean, and keep the bathroom tidy. However, it becomes a problem to keep the whisk. The toothbrush stand for bathroom thus becomes very useful for storing the whisk. 

It is a luxury item that will make your bathroom look elegant. The containers for keeping the whisk are very easy to clean and maintain. Ceramic Toilet Brush Holder comes in attractive layouts that make them look glamorous. Some of these products are also made of stainless steel. Both ceramic and stainless steel is sturdy and lasts long. Some of them are finely polished. 

From the name, it can be very well understood that Toilet Brush with Stand is used for storing bathroom whisks. It is a crucial appliance and at the same time a luxurious item that your bathroom needs. They are indeed decorative and mostly organized by keeping in mind the other accompaniments that are there in the bathroom so that as a whole your lavatory looks elegant. To do so, the bathroom whisk containers have been designed into four types. 

The Two Types are Classified According to Their Shape and the Other Two are Categorized According to Their Mounting. The Four Types are:

According to mount:

  • Freestanding bathroom whisk container: The freestanding models are kept on the floor at a corner of the room. They are not fixed and can be moved from one place to another. They are stand-alone on their own. They are made from various items like ceramic, stainless steel, copper. Many designs of freestanding containers are available. 
  • Wall Mounted Toilet Brush Holder: The wall-mounted whisk containers are fixed on the wall of the bathroom. They are kept above the floor and thus the area can be cleaned. They also come in various designs and shapes. Stainless steel, ceramic, and other materials are used to construct it.

According to shape:

  • Round bathroom whisk container: The Round bathroom whisk containers are circular. Silicone Toilet Brush is the widely seen shape that is available. They are made out of copper, stainless steel, as well as ceramic. Many colored models are also found for this type.
  • Square Toilet Brush Holder: Square bathroom whisk containers are shaped like squares. Though not uncommon, they are not seen as much as the round whisk containers are seen. They are also constructed from various materials. Various colors are also available for these models.

Many brands manufacture bathroom whisk containers. However, it is difficult to search for the Best Toilet Brush and Holder.  This Guide will Help You to Find the Best Brand and Have an Idea About the Different Companies That Manufacture Them.

Some of the Brands Whom You Can Trust are:

  • Lineabeta: Lineabeta is one of the best brands for bathroom luxury products that are available in the market. They design Wall Mounted Toilet Brush that will enhance the look of your bathroom.
  • Geelli: This is an Italy-based company that has great experience in making these appliances. They also work with plastic. They design color-coordinated products that make your bathroom look better. 
  • Hafele: Hafele is a senior company manufacturing bathroom fittings for a long time. The company was established in 1932. It is an international company on which many people rely upon.

Presently very ordinary items like bathroom whisks containers can be impressive. They will surely add decor to your bathroom as they are available in creative designs. Nevertheless, there are certain things that you need to consider before you Buy Toilet Brush Holder. 

The Pointers That You Should Not Forget are:

  • Design: Various types of design are available for these bathroom whisk containers. You should browse through them and then select the one which you want to buy. Some have printed designed bodies, while others only have polished finishing. You need to choose one that suits the other accessories of your bathroom. 
  • Shape: As discussed above, there are two types of sets of shapes of these bathroom whisk containers: round and square. You need to select one that you feel is better for your bathroom.
  • Mount: There are two types of mount: wall mount and free-standing. If you don't want to block the area of your floor you can opt for a wall mount. Else you can also opt for a freestanding Stainless Steel Toilet Brush that can be moved from one corner to another, whenever you feel it. 
  • Color: You can buy a Black Toilet Brush Holder for your bathroom, but there are many other options too. Choose your whisk container color keeping in mind the decor of your lavatory and the accessories you have. Try to match the color of the whisk container with the others so that it does not appear like a misfit in the whole setup. There is a White Toilet Brush Holder available too, with prints, paints, and designs. 
  • Material: Though ceramic is the primary material that is used in the construction of these whisk containers, there is a Stainless Steel Toilet Brush Holder too. You can also opt for brass or a PVC model, as they are available in many colors. Wooden containers are also available but they would degrade with time being exposed to moisture. Porcelain is something sturdy which you can go for. There is a Copper Toilet Brush Holder too that is available. 

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  • Finish: It has natural Full Chrome Finish
  • Material: Polyurethane gel + Stainless Steel,Polyurethane gel
  • Water-proof and mold-proof
  • Soft
  • Unbreakable
  • Colorful


  • Finish: Chrome
  • Material: Brass and Glass
  • Uses: Bathroom

Toilet Brush Holder Price List at McCoy Mart

Toilet Brush Holder
Lineabeta Floor Round Toilet Brush Holder
450 mm
Rs. 4,717
Geelli Ivasi Portascopino Soft Toilet Brush Holder
(L) 9 x (W)44 x (H) 9 cm
Rs. 12,313
Lineabeta Toilet Brush Holder
L(105 mm) H(450 mm)
Rs. 13,001
Hafele Brass Toilet Brush Holder
(175 x 115 x 385 mm)
Rs. 3,670