uPVC Stopper & Keeper

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Windows are an essential part of a home; it brings in fresh light and air. But at the same time windows act as an access point to burglary. Hence, it is Important to secure the windows properly

How to secure the windows?

There are several ways to secure the windows. Installing window bars, sensors, and security cameras is one way to go. But the easiest and simplest way to secure a window is by getting window stopper and keeper. uPVC window stopper is an inexpensive way of securing the windows.

Window sash also helps in securing the windows. Sash lock will allow a proper opening of the window and at the same time shut the window in place.

What is a window stopper or keeper?

Window stopper is a piece of hardware that is used to keep the window sash in position. Window stopper is a narrow strip that is used in the construction industry to hold the sash in place in a window frame.

Window sash lock keeper is made of different materials like aluminum and PVC. But uPVC stopper and keeper are the best. uPVC material is lightweight and strong enough to withstand regular wear and tear. An uPVC stopper and the keeper can be used to all kinds of windows.

Even casement windows, which are attached on one end and opens like a door, can be secured with a stop. A number of brands make Casement window keeper and casement window lock keeper, which can be bought both online and offline.

In addition to the window stop, homeowners can also invest in sash lock and keeper. Sash lock and keeper made out of bronze and other metals are the best way to keep the windows locked and secure. A good quality sash lock and keeper can be brought from any hardware store for a prize of 400 rupees.

Window sash keeper will secure your windows in style. Window sash lock keeper has dual fold advantage it provides security and style to your existing windows. But when buying a stop or keeper or sash lock keeper ensure to check the quality and size of the hardware to make sure it matches the window size and the decor.

In conclusion

Homeowners install a security system to keep their loved ones safe. So why not go a step further and secure your windows as well. Adding stopper, keeper, and window sash lock keeper goes a long way in protecting your home.