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Buy Urinals Online At Affordable Price

Whether you construct a toilet newly or renovate it, Urinals are one of the essential lavatory items that you will need. Whether it is your commercial estate like office factory restaurant mall school cafe pub community hall, public toilet, or your house, installing a Bathroom Urinal will improve your toilet facilities.  A boys urinals is a toilet structure that is used by men. It was lavatory equipment mainly used in western countries, but now they are used worldwide. The appliance can only be used for urination, and the user needs to stand and urinate. There are several forms of the pot for urine. While some structures have gutters on the floor (which is the primary design), most of them hang from the walls. The materials from which it is made also varies from ceramic to metal. Some are equipped with flushing Cisterns systems, while some are waterless. Even there is a Small Urinal available for lavatories with small space. Though the utility and benefits of Stand Urinal are the same, all the pots are still not the same. Various pots have various functions. 

There are Many Types of Urinal toilet; They are Listed and Discussed Below: 

  • Trough

The name has evolved because it resembles a feeding trough. It is one of the best economical options that you can get. A maximum of eight men can use it. It gets fixed on a single wall. It also saves a lot of space. You only need a single plumbing connection to operate the unit. It does not look like the individual pots. They are commonly found to be made of stainless steel, but porcelain troughs are also available in the market.

  • Bucket

This model is one of the readily available ones. They can be fitted in significantly less space, ensuring more utility. The queue will be less in Commercial Urinals as many bucket pots can be fitted. These pots are available in porcelain, plastic, metal, and also in polished wood. You can trace that in many places, the literal meaning of this appliance has been followed, and standard buckets available in markets have been used. However, bucket-turned pots are not suitable as they do not have drains and spouts, unlike the original models. 

  • On the Wall Pots

They are also known as slab pots. It is fitted near the door level or below the foot level. It has a drain that collects the stream. They are available in many models and designs. A big porcelain chunk is used to fit this model. Many fashionable models are available for on the wall pots. They are aesthetically very pleasing to the eyes. 

  • Corner or flat Back Pots 

They are the most common types of pots for urine that you will find in the market. They are fitted in the corner to save space. They have a flat back and are screwed on the flat wall. 

  • Sensor Pots

They are widely used in malls and airports. A sensor is fitted to the pot, which automatically flushes once it detects that the pod is not in use. 

    • Waterless urinal: They are pots that are designed to save water. Flushing wastes a lot of water; using waterless pods for urine in commercial places saves much water. There are four types of waterless pots, they are: 
    • Liquid sealant traps: These models use a liquid sealant cartridge to collect urine and its odor. 
    • Integrated traps: They work with the same mechanism as the liquid sealants but are slightly different in the sense of the traps present. 
    • Membrane traps: They are one-way valves that open up to let the urine enter it. It also prevents the odor from returning to the pot. 
  • Biological blocks

The bio blocks need to be replaced after 200 uses. They absorb the urine and block the smell. They can be placed under any toilet pan.

  • Portable Urinal

These pots can be easily carried from one place to another, as the name suggests. They are used mainly during traveling and when someone is sick at home. Portable pots are available for both men and women. Male urinal pots that are portable are different from the portable pots for women. 

  • Children Pots

These pots do not differ in function from the other pods discussed. The difference is that they are small in size and encourage children to use them. They are often available in bright colors, and attractive stickers are used over them. 

Many Brands Manufacture Ceramic Urinal and Other Kinds of Pots too. Some of Them Are: 

  • Cera
  • Cotto
  • American Standard
  • Jee-o

There are Several Factors That You Keep in Mind While Buying a Urinal Bowl. Some of the Pointers That You Should Not Forget to Check and Purchase is as Follows: 

  • Size: Before purchasing pots for urine, you should take note of the size of your lavatory. Do not waste your time browsing pots that will not fit in your toilet. You should measure adequately and then proceed to buy. 
  • Cost: You must fix a budget and then browse through models to buy. It will help you to browse those models that are available within that range. 
  • Flushing option: Besides manual flush, there are automatic flushes too. In a manual flush, you need to touch the handle or knob to allow water to flow. In automatic, some sensors will automatically flush water after your use. 
  • Design: There are many designs available in the market for Urinal Basins. You can select it from them. Do not forget to buy a Urinal Partition if you are buying pots for commercial uses. 

Cera Specification

  • Flat Back Urinal
  • Waterless urinal
  • Integrated sensor for added hygiene
  • Concealed trapway design for easy cleaning
  • Dimension : - 360 mm (W) x 330 mm (D) x 64 740 mm (H)

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Best Urinals Price List at McCoy Mart

Cera Civic Flat Back Urinal (White)
(340 W x 350 D x 615 H) mm
Rs. 6,165
Cera Cicily Flat Back Urinal With Integrated EFS
(320 W x 300 D x 525 H) mm
Rs. 12,249
Nirali Cleo Stainless Steel Urinal - Satin
(24 x 14) inches
Rs. 20,894
Duravit D-Code Concelaed Inlet Urinal (Alpine White)
305 mm x 290 mm
Rs. 15,373
Duravit Starck 3 Visible Inlet Urinal (Alpine White)
245 mm x 300 mm
Rs. 46,764

Popular Brand of Urinals

Cera Urinals