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Buy Bathroom Vanities Online At Best Price! | McCoy Mart

Vanities are just like cabinets, which give you extra space to store sanitary items. The purpose of these structures is the same as bedroom Vanities sets. The only difference is that the bedroom cabinet has a chair, but the bathroom one does not have such. Besides storing extra items for your usage, you can also keep things for daily use in these cabinets. You may keep your soaps, brushes, toothpaste, hair drier, perfume, comb, shaving kit, and much more. Whatever the cabinet structure is, it has a basin countertop. 

Thus you can save the place of fitting a separate basin also. Your cabinet will give a two-in-one facility. There are various materials from which these cabinets are made. You can choose the product from a variety of options. There are many colors and designs available for the cabinets. Even you can select the finishes of this item that will match your room. They undoubtedly enhance the decor of the room. 

Have a Look and Find the Types of Product Which One will be Suitable for Your House

Bathroom Vanities with tops allow you to store items and gives you an option to install an in-built sink. At times these cupboards are used solely for decorating the lavatory decently. It adds elegance to the place it is placed. Nevertheless, it would be best to have an idea of what you fit in your bathroom. Various types of cupboards can be used to customize your toilet. Have a look and find which one will be suitable for your house. 

  • Pedestal: The pedestal sink is one of the simplest options for modern bathroom vanity units. They consist of a sink and a pedestal on which it stands. There is no extra storage space than this. However, the pedestal is the decorative portion that will add aesthetics and enhance your lavatory. They have stylish designs and wooden carvings on them at times. What you can do is add a rack to the pedestal where you can store things. This model adds elegance to the room correctly. They are straightforward to install and fit in every type of arrangement. 

  • Freestanding: As the name suggests, the cupboard stands freely on the floor without being attached to the wall. It can be moved within the bathroom if you want to change its place. They apply the same principle as that of the pedestals. However, you can get a good storage place, which the pedestals lack. You can also have two countertop sinks instead of one. The shape of the cupboard varies from square to rectangle. They are mostly constructed out of plywood. The countertop is either made from ceramic or marble. These models also add elegance, and you can choose the one you like from a vast number of options. 

  • Floating: The floating Wall Mounted Vanity is the same as the freestanding ones. However, the difference is that it is mounted on the wall and does not use the floor to stand. Thus, it is also referred to as the wall-mounted cupboard. They are rectangular, and you can choose any finish you want. The material used is wood or ply, for which the structure is sturdy and lasts long. You get ample space to store things. As it is not attached to the floor of the room, you can keep the area clean. It indeed adds aesthetics to your room. 

  • Vessel: The vessel  Washroom Vanity is mostly spotted in the hallways of hotels and restaurants. They have rectangular or square cupboards above which a vessel or sink bowl is placed. The storage is enough like in any other cabinet. They are not only stylish but also costly. These models also have two sinks on the countertop. The whole system takes much place to be fitted in. 

  • Under-mount cabinet: These cupboards are Small Bathroom Vanities where the sink is attached inside the countertop. Though the sink is fitted inside, you get a lot of space to store things. The features are the same as the other models. You get a variety of options to choose from. Not only that, it adds refinement to your bathroom. They are mostly rectangular, and two under-mount sinks can be fitted in the countertop. 

  • Pull-out door Cabinet: These vintage Modern Bathroom Vanities have a single sink bowl, and the storage area has doors instead of drawers. They can be easily opened and handled. They are made from various materials and have different finishings. You can get a marble countertop attached to this model. Particleboards are also used to construct these structures. They also have enough storage space. 

Many Brands Manufacture Vanities as it Has Become a Trendy Choice for Many. Some of the Leading Brands Who Manufacture These Cabinets are: 

  • Magickwoods
  • Duravit

There are Certain Things That You Have to Consider Before You Buy Vanities Online. Keeping in Mind This Pointer will Ensure That You Have a Proper Purchase. Some of the Thing That You Need to Consider are: 

  • Material: Generally, the cabinet is made of wood, particleboard, or plywood, but the countertop is made of marble or ceramic. It would be best if you adequately enquired what material has been used to make the product you selected. You must check the specifications correctly and minutely before purchasing it. 
  • Shape: The cabinets are available in three types of forms: rectangular, round, and square. You must select the shape by keeping in mind the available space in your washroom. You must also choose the product depending on your taste and choice. 
  • Cost: The cost of these cabinets is high. If you decide to buy them, you must fix a budget and then proceed to buy. Once you have sketched it out, you can look for a reasonable product within your budget.

Why Choose Your Products from Us?

To know the Vanities Price Online, you should visit McCoy Mart. It is a trustworthy online mart from where you can buy the product of your choice. You can check the specifications over there and opt for the product. So why wait? Head to McCoy Mart to buy the cabinet you want.

Magickwoods Specification

  • Furniture Style Legs
  • Dark Chocolate Finish
  • Faucet Holes Faucet Sold Separately
  • 3-year warranty
  • Floor Standing Base
  • Matte White finish
  • Chrome hardware
  • Fully assembled cabinet

Duravit Specification

  • 2 pull-out compartments
  • Dimension: 820 x 469 mm
  • Design by Christian Werner
  • Available all color

Best Bathroom Vanities Price List at McCoy Mart

Magickwoods Carino Groove 20" White Bath Vanity
28 Kg
Rs. 8,463
Magickwoods Eurostone 24" Dark Chocolate Bath Vanity
33.5 Kg
Rs. 13,559
Magickwoods Curvy 24" White Bath Vanity
35 Kg
Rs. 11,102
Magickwoods Flora 24" Dark Chocolate Bath Vanity
37.7 Kg
Rs. 17,154
Magickwoods Medallion 24" Bath Vanity
41.76 Kg
Rs. 21,840