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Best Offer On Veneer Doors Available on McCoy Mart

Veneers are very slim wooden sheets that are pasted on ply or rough wooden surfaces. They lessen the cost yet add elegance to your room as the Veneer door has decorative viewable surfaces. The sheets are used on cabinets, tables, shelves, and other places apart from the gate. They are available in various finishes and grains. The sheets are thinner than 3mm. They are attached to the plyboard, fiberboard, or wood with the help of sealants, nails, and other adhesives. Being a cost-effective solution, these gates are very popular. You can buy them from all online and offline stores. Moreover, there are several types of Veneer flush doors available in the market.

Know About the Various Types Of These Entrances

Nowadays, veneer entrances are available in some types. You must know about all the types before buying. It will help you to choose the perfect one for your home or office. The different kinds of these gates are:

  • Customized gates

The customized gates are the most sought-after product that local artisans craft. They have a natural look that attracts many people to select them. Besides being available in many colors and finishes, this type of Veneer door enhances the viewability of your house or office.

  • Laminate gates

Veneer laminated door is commonly spotted. They have a shiny surface and are durable. Apart from that, they can tolerate all sorts of weather conditions, and no one meets their popularity. Moreover, the different shades in which they are available allows customers to choose from varied options.

  • Backed gates

Backed gates are Teak veneer door that is costlier than the other types. They get an additional backing, as their name suggests. Moreover, these entrances are much more sturdy than any other category. You can also get them in many shades and designs. The most significant advantage of this entrance is that it fits all climates and can be fixed in houses and apartments.

  • Raw wood gates

The raw wood gates do not have a backing, and both sides can be used for the viewable portion. They are the cheapest Wood veneer doors available in the market. However, you must purchase them from a reliable source. They have variable finishes and surfaces.

  • Rotary cut gates

This type of entrance gets its name from the method used for manufacturing. These gates are also inexpensive and widely available. They are found in varied colors and are very thin like the skin.

The Best Brand You Can Choose From

Due to the immense popularity of Modern veneer doors, many companies manufacture them today. However, it is challenging to select the best brand from which you can buy. While considering the brand, you need to check both the cost and quality. Affordability cannot be the only parameter to buy this door. You must try to know the quality of the product before purchasing. Nonetheless, we are here to help you with choosing the best brand. You can trust Durian for buying veneer bedroom doors.

Durian is a senior company in the field of constructing gates. They manufacture products keeping in mind the quality and infusing the best technology with it. Moreover, the hard-earned experience they have also helps them develop quality products. The company is four-decade-old and produces designer gates that match your room decor. You can also select models that suit your taste. Besides being resistant to fire, the gates are repellent to moisture, termite, and borer. The longevity of the entrances makes this brand evolve as the best in the market.

Factors To Keep In Mind Before Buying

There are some factors you need to check before buying a Veneer plywood door. It will help you to have a proper purchase once you keep these factors in mind and buy. The things to consider are:

  • Durability

If the gates are not durable, there is no use buying them. So, before you select a model, check whether it is sturdy or not. Read the detailed specifications to know more about the durability. See the constituents used to produce the gate.

  • Resistance

Generally, you must check whether the gates are resistant to fire, moisture, and termites. These are the three elements that can damage your entryway badly. You should check the features of the gates to know this. If the gate is not suitable in all climates, it will trouble you a lot.

  • Cost

The Veneer door price varies from one model to another depending on the type and design. While some models are affordable, some are pricey. You should check the price list before buying a gate.

  • Design and Color

Several designs of this door are available in the market, and you can select one that suits your taste. If you want an entrance for your office, choose a design that has a corporate look. Else you can select models with casual designs. There are many color options also available for these gates. Pick one that matches your home decor.

  • Types

The different types of these gates have been discussed above. You should read the detailed specification to know what kind of gate you are choosing. If you have an inclination for any type, you can straightforwardly opt for it.

Buy Entryways From McCoy Mart

McCoy Mart is an online mart where you can get the A to Z of your requirement. Be it kitchen items, Electrical appliances, furniture or sealants, and you can obtain anything here. Besides that, you can read the specifications of the product you want to buy. You can also compare the Veneer door cost with other types of gates and then buy. If you have a pro account, you can get GST invoices and bulk discounts.

Best Selling Veneer Doors Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Dimensions Starting Price
Durian 30 mm Veneer Plain Door Without Frame Beta, PU Glossy Polish [ (H) 81 x 28 (W) Inch ]
H ( 81 - 77 ) x ( 28 - 24 ) W Inches
Rs. 13,348
Durian 35 mm Veneer Plain Door Without Frame Parto, PU Glossy Polish [ (H) 81 x 28 (W) Inch ]
H ( 81 - 77 ) x ( 28 - 24 ) W Inches
Rs. 13,655
Durian 40 mm Veneer Plain Door Without Frame Gamma, PU Glossy Polish - [ (H) 94 x 28 (W) Inch]
H ( 94 - 90 ) x ( 28 - 24 ) W Inches
Rs. 18,191