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It is hard to find residential and commercial buildings without timber gates. Whether you are renovating your property or building a new one, gates are a must. There is no better option than a Wooden door as it is sturdy and long-lasting. You can use them as your front gate or for interior entrances. Besides that, you will also get this item in many trendy designs that suit your apartment's decor. You can customize designs for your entries too. They are available in many shades and finishes, and many companies manufacture teak wood doors in the market. There are various types of these gates, and you will always get multiple options to choose from.

Have a Glimpse Through the Types Of Timber Gates

The wood entry doors are accessible in various designs and are used for multiple purposes. However, they are broadly categorized into two kinds. Look at the two types from which you can choose one for your home or office.

  • Single fold gate

The single-fold gates have a one-way opening with a broad breadth. They are also known as panel entrances. You can use them as wooden front doors too. Apart from being available in various sizes and shapes, you can also get them at many finishes. Moreover, you can customize this entryway in every way you want. They are also accessible in ready-to-install forms. The most significant advantage of this timber entry is that it suits all types of environments. Some of these models are also resistant to fire.

  • Double fold gate

The double fold gates open in two ways, and they do not have such a broad breadth as the single-fold ones. However, they are ideal if you don't have much space for opening gates. The single-fold models take a large area to stand when opened as compared to this model. This modern wood door is accessible in many colors and shades. You can customize the appearance of these gates too. Latching them is also straightforward.

Other than the mechanism of opening the gates, the timber entryway can be divided into three categories. They are classified based on their finishing.

  • Laminate entrances

The laminate entrances are the widely seen models. They have laminate boards fixed on them. You can select the color of the laminate following your room decor.

  • Painted entrances

Painted entryways are the traditional form of gates that exist. You can use them as a wooden main door as they are flexible to all environments. Be it your industrial complex or residential one, and you can use these gates. They provide you safety by being robust.

  • Customized entrances

The customized wooden entrance door has designs that enhance the look of your apartment or house. They are ideal for the interior of the house. You can choose from many designs and colors.

Are you Guessing About the Best Brands? Here Are They:

The modern market flourishes with the Wooden flush door from various companies. It is challenging for you to select the best brand for your home or office. So we are here with the two best brands on whom you can trust.

  • Aastha Future Wood

The company manufactures quality wooden safety doors from the best timber. They treat the material correctly to avoid shrinking. Moreover, the gates from this company are accessible in many designs that can enhance the look of your room. They require very low maintenance too. Apart from being sturdy, they are durable too. Moreover, you can choose them from multiple color options. Being affordable and of good quality, this company evolves as the best brand.

  • Durian

Durian is a four-decade-old company that still manufactures quality products at affordable rates. Their new wooden door has many styles and designs that add elegance to the room. The polished and shiny gates from this company are accessible in many sizes. Besides producing sturdy entrances, their gates are resistant to fire, termites, and moisture. Furthermore, the gates can endure all weather conditions. The most significant advantage is that you will get a 15-year warranty purchasing gates from this company. All these reasons make it a trustworthy and best brand.

Note the Things To Check Before Buying

Certain factors are there that you must check before buying. It will ensure a purchase without regret. The pointers you should remember before purchasing are:

  • Size

The timber gates are found in many sizes. As you will buy readymade entrances, you need to be perfect about the size. Else, it will not fit in the entrance frame. When you buy a gate, check the specifications to know what sizes are available for your select model.

  • Resistant to Fire, Termite, Moisture

Another vital thing to consider before buying gates is whether it is resistant to fire, termite, and moisture. The wooden fire door is widely available, and you need to check whether the model you select has that feature. The other two reasons for gate erosion are termite and moisture. You must check the specifications to be sure about these things.

  • Type

The two types of inside and outside wooden doors have been discussed above. You need to select the type depending on the space you have. However, if you have a specific inclination towards any kind, you can choose that too.

  • Finish

As there are many finishes of these gates, you need to select one that matches your room decor. Whether it is the polished, colored, laminated, or customized gates, choose one that suits your taste.

  • Cost

The wooden door prices vary from one model to another. Overall they are affordable, but some of them are pricey too. Check the price list of timber gates before you select one model.

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Best Selling Wooden Doors Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Dimensions Starting Price
Aastha Future Wood Digital Membrane Wooden Door, Size - (75 L X 24 W) Inch - AD-DD-01
(75 L X 24 W) Inch
Rs. 2,297
Aastha Future Wood Decorative Laminate Wooden Door, Size - (75 L X 24 W) Inch - ALDD-114
(75 L X 24 W) Inch
Rs. 2,461
Durian 30 mm Solid Wooden Door Without Frame Pizaro (With holes) , Stain and Sealer Finish - [ (H) 81 x 25.5 (W) Inch ]
H ( 84 - 78 ) x ( 29.5 - 25.5 ) W Inches
Rs. 20,678
Durian 35 mm Solid Wooden Door Without Frame Pizaro (Without holes) , Stain and Sealer Finish - [ (H) 81 x 25.5 (W) Inch ]
H ( 94.5 - 88.5 ) x ( 29.5 - 25.5 ) W Inches
Rs. 23,774