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We the “CHANDRA CONSTRUCTION COMPANY” would like to introduce ourselves as a well–established, leading & reputed Civil Engineering Contracting & Consulting Company. We offer comprehensive range of professional and good quality Structural Repairs, rehabilitation Work & Consultancy (include Structure repairs, External & Internal plastering & Painting, Waterproofing, Retrofitting, Plumbing work etc.). We owned our name in market by providing best quality work and service with sound working staff and quality work.

Over the years Chandra Construction Company constantly endeavored to introduce better and more cost effective Structural Maintenance Work with innovative and best ever technique. Vision and foresight coupled with the desire to constantly improve has enabled us to retain our premier status in the market today. With over 15 years of experience in government projects known as Vijay Construction Company, we reaffirm our commitment that of providing comprehensive, one stop solution in our field of expertise.

Our Motto:

To maintain the standards at the vanguard of the industry through exemplary, ethics, technical competence sincerity and pride. By providing, cost effective solutions to the varied and changing need of our customers and their complete satisfaction.



Chandra Construction Company

Consulting Engineer s & Contractors

Our Services

1.    Building Repairs & Rehabilitation work, (N.D.T. / Audit)

2.    External wall treating, plastering, textured painting etc.

3.    Structural repairs, retrofitting, re barring, re strengthening

4.    Waterproofing treatment, chemical injection grouting, membrane waterproofing method,  brickbats method.

5.    Structural shed construction, roofing work etc.

6.    All Kind of S.S & M.S. Fabrication work i.e. Gates, Trollies, Railings, Windows grills etc.

7.    Paver & cheaquered tile fixing, Stamped Concreting etc.

8.    All Kind Of Plumbing work, Laying New Drainage line etc.

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