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Acrysil Limited was established in the year 1987 in collaboration with a German company Schock and Co. The company sells its products under the brand name Carysil. The principal products of the company are kitchen sinks made of granite, quartz and stainless steel. There is also a plethora of kitchen appliances manufactured by the company such as chimneys, wine chillers, ovens, cooktops, etc. The products are manufactured using latest German technology. The brand has a strong presence in over 45 countries all over the world.

Sink Range

Quartz- The complete range of Carysil quartz sinks have been listed here. 

  • Rimo- Rimo D100L and Rimo D150
  • New Beethoven Inox- New Beethoven D 100, D 100 L, D 150 and D 200
  • New Beethoven- New Beethoven D 100 L, D 100, D200 and D150
  • Tip Toe- Tip Toe D 100, D 100 L, D 150, D200 and N 200 LD
  • Polo- Polo D200 and D100 L 
  • Polo Inox- Polo D200 Inox and D100 L Inox
  • Jazz- Jazz D 100 L, D 150 and D200 
  • Entertainment
  • Enigma- Enigma N150, D150, D100L, D100, D200 and N200 
  • Waltz- Waltz 400, 560 FE, 740 and 780
  • Vivaldi- Vivaldi D 100, D 100 I, D 100 L, D 150, D200 and N200
  • Largo- Largo 3620 and 4520 
  • Single bowl- Bar sink, Big bowl, Mega Salsa, Neo Salsa and Salsa 
  • Double bowl- CG DB 3220, CG 2B 3322, CG 2B 3121 and CG DB 3322
  • Jumbo bowl- N100L and N200L
  • Swan- D 100, N 100, N 100 L and N200 
  • Rock O- O N 100 and O2 D 100 
  • Q 320-

These are dent and scratch proof hygienic sinks. They also resist heat and dirt perfectly. The sinks are available in a range of colours such as cornflake, concrete, espresso, crater, croma, red, yellow, champagne, snova and nera

Stainless steel- The company also expanded its sink range to stainless steel. The complete range of Carysil stainless steel sinks have been listed here

  • Radius Appron Sink of 33x22x9 dimensions 
  • Straight Appron Sink of 33x22x9 dimensions 
  • Avenger Series Sink of 24x17x8 dimensions 
  • Rege Single Bowl with drainer in three sizes; 34x20x8, 40x20x8 and 46x20x8 
  • Polo Single and Double Bowl with drainer in four sizes; 36x18x8, 36x20x8, 40x20x8 and 46x20x9 
  • Step Up Sink of 31x20x10 dimensions 
  • Micro Radius Single Bowl with Drainer in three sizes; 36x18x8, 36x20x8 and 40x20x8 
  • Micro Radius R10 Single Bowl in six sizes; 17x17x8, 21x17x8, 21x18x8, 24x18x8, 27x17x9 and 31x17x9 
  • Micro Radius Waltz Single Bowl in four sizes; 21x20x8, 24x20x8, 28x20x8 and 31x20x8 
  • Quadro Single Bowl with Drainer in five sizes; 36x18x8, 36x18x9, 40x20x8, 40x20x9 and 45x20x9 
  • Quadro Double Bowl in five sizes; 34x20x8, 36x18x8, 40x20x8, 45x20x8 and 45x20x9 
  • Quadro Double Bowl with Drainer in two sizes; 46x20x9 and 52x20x8. 
  • Vogue Single Bowl with Drainer in eight sizes; 27x18x8, 32x18x6, 34x20x8, 36x18x8, 36x20x8, 36x20x9, 40x20x8 and 40x20x9 
  • Elegance Single Bowl in twelve sizes; 16x16x7, 18x16x7, 18x18x7, 19x16x7, 20x17x8, 21x18x8, 21x18x9, 24x18x8, 24x18x9, 24x18x10, 30x18x8 and 30x18x9. 
  • Elegance Double Bowl in four sizes; 34x20x8, 34x20x9, 45x20x8 and 45x20x9. 
  • Elegance Plus Single Bowl in four sizes; 18x20x8, 21x20x8, 24x20x8 and 30x20x8.

The sinks are made of high quality AISI 304, 18:08 stainless steel. The sinks have a silvery appearance with a shiny polished surface. The Carysil stainless steel sinks are highly durable and are resistant to chipping, cracking and wear and tear.


There are various types of carysil chimney sold by the company. They are as follows. 

  • Blade Black Chimney 
  • Chimney Auto TG 
  • Chimney Auto TV 
  • Gusto

A host of dealers, both online and offline, offer carysil chimney in India. The carysil chimney price list of the best models range from Rs 16,000 to Rs 21,000 and more.

For example, carysil chimney price for a Trinado-60BF 60cm stainless steel hood model is Rs 15,990. Another example is Carysil Troya 90 chimney costing Rs 42,890.

Carysil Chimney Price List

Types of Carysil Chimney Price
Carysil Kitchen Chimney Rs 8,700/ Piece
Carysil Chimneys Rs 10,990/ Piece
Carysil Calypso Chimney Rs 10,990/ Unit
Carysil Blade Hood Chimneys Rs 43,990/ Unit
Carysil-Blues-60cm Kitchen Chimney Rs 24,291/ Piece
Carysil Arial 60 Cm Wall Mounted Chimney Rs.29,990/ Piece

An analysis of customer carysil chimney reviews reveal that it gets a score of 9 out of 10 on an average.

Other appliances

The other kinds of kitchen appliances offered under the brand name of Carysil are as follows.

  • Built-in refrigerators 
  • DW-2 semi built-in dishwasher 
  • Built-in and induction hob 
  • Cooktops 
  • Tek Wine Chiller and Commercial Wine Chiller 
  • Built-in Fat Fryer 
  • Ice maker 
  • Microwave Oven and Built-in Oven

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