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Founded by Shri Mange Ram Aggarwal back in the 1970s, the Action Group came into action and began its operations in the Footwear industry. With time and innovations, it has spread its wings in a diverse range of sectors: Electronics, Chemicals, Steel & Power, Real Estate and Health Care. Its contribution to the country’s Panel industry in the form of Action TESA has been the most prominent venture.

Action TESA has been growing and leading its market ever since it installed the country’s first and largest Thin MDF/HDF Particle Board Plant. It also brought the first Laminate Wooden Flooring in True HDF to the Indian market and introduced the unique DOME Technology with its Action plywood and boards. This DOME Technology provides reduced absorption of moisture, dimensional stability and ensures a high internal bond. Some popular products under Action TESA are Laminated Flooring, MDF Boards, Particle Boards, Embossed HDF, High Gloss Laminates, UV Boards, HDHMR Block Board and Door Skin.

With its new MDF Plant equipped with the latest technologies, it is looking forward to becoming the largest manufacturer of MDF with its production capacity as 5,11,000 CBM yearly. This MDF Plant is made with parts from Germany’s Seimpelkamp GmbH & Co. and will operate on an 8’X27.1m ContiRollÒ press.

Action TESA Products

The TESA Catalogue offers a wide range of value-added products for flooring and boards. All of these are available with a variety of options in sizes and features.

Action TESA Flooring is designed with integrated HDF and the best DOME technology to deliver unique, wax-sealed locking profiles and keep away the moisture. This wax coating prevents swelling or weakening of the edges and keeps with the high quality and durability of the surface. This makes it water absorbent and scratch/burn/stain resistant so as to be stable and durable through the Indian sub-continental climate. All the planks of the flooring are attached to each other and not directly on the base which makes them versatile and easy to install, clean and maintain. The Action TESA Laminated Flooring comes in different variants according to the use, sizes, colours and materials: Essenza 8MM-AC3 (ideal for bedrooms, drawing rooms and hotel rooms), Endura 8MM-AC4 (ideal for cafes, shops and offices), Argentum 12MM-AC3 (ideal for areas with heavy steps), Platina 12MM-AC4 (ideal for areas with heavy foot-falls), Radiance & Vivid AC5 (ideal for areas with commercial traffic). 

Action TESA also deals in plain, pre-laminated and veneered Particle as well as MDF Boards. These boards are certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards and use the DOME, Maier Flaker and MEC Dryer Technologies to provide multiple advantages to the customers. Available in interior and exterior grades along with different sizes, Action TESA Particle Boards use the German ‘Chip Grading’ system to form a strong balance between two layers, Fine Chip layer at the top and Corse Chip Central Core beneath it. These boards are offered in one-side raw and other-side balancing. Action TESA MDF Boards are used in decorative wall cladding, photo lamination substrate, wooden handicraft items, automotive interior cladding, civil construction model making, and kitchen and wardrobe shutters. These are unique hardwood fibre panels formed homogenously without any layer and are available in different variants and sizes. Keeping customers’ requirements as the topmost priority, Action TESA has brought in one-sided laminated, both-sided laminated, one-side raw other-side balancing and both side balancing in a many shades and surface finishes.

For the first time in India, HDHMR Boards have been introduced with special German Technology suitable for homes, gyms, cafes, kitchen shutters, institutes and offices. These TESA HDHMR Boards prove to be cost-effective, water/termite resistant, highly smooth and dense and eco-friendly, making these the most preferred boards for their powerful moisture control. Another important board by the company is Action TESA Embossed Panels. These are special HDF formed boards are suitable for polishing, painting, pressing in areas like walls, furniture and ceiling. The 35 raw finish, etched designs available in the market are easy to paste or nail and provide an exotic look to any substrate applied on.

The TESA Melamine UV Coated Boards are acrylic adhesive based panels made with ultraviolet curing chambers to produce a polished, lustrous look. These UV Boards are known for their extremely smooth and glossy surface that nearly provides a uniform mirror finish due to the special fully automatic pressing technology used. Available in exterior grade and more than 55 different colours, UV Boards are highly resistant to water and cost-effective.

Action Tesa Plywood Price

Action Tesa Plywood 

Price List 

Laminated Wooden Flooring Action Tesa 

Rs 85 /Square Feet

Action Tesa Laminate Wooden Flooring

Rs 80 /Square Feet

Action Tesa Laminated Wooden Flooring

Rs 90 /Square Feet

Action Tesa Laminated Wooden Flooring Services 

Rs 125 /Square Feet

25 Mm Action Tesa Laminated Flooring Services

Rs 65 /Square Feet

12 mm Action Tesa Laminated Wooden Flooring Service 

Rs 60 /Square Feet

8.3 Action Tesa Laminated Wooden Flooring Services

Rs 60 / Square Feet


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