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Aditi Solar Private Limited

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Aditi Solar designs and manufactures customised solar systems and products according to the needs of their clients. From small scale to large scale solar power plants, aditi solar private limited has a thoroughly professional team to install and maintain them. The company manufactures both on and off grid solar power systems for various purposes. Apart from solar power plants, aditi solar also manufactures solar powered devices such as solar pumps, solar water heaters, solar lanterns, etc.

PV Modules

The PV modules by Aditi Solar are highly efficient and durable. The modules exhibit high power generation performance. The panels provide high KW hour power output. Each aditi solar panel is made of mono or multi-crystalline solar cells. High transmission textured glass is used to enclose the solar cells for efficient power generation. The solar modules manufactured by Aditi Solar have IEC 61215 and 61730 certification.

Solar home and street lighting

Aditi Solar offers high quality solar home lighting systems for homes with no or insufficient power. Homeowners wanting to reduce their energy bills can also go for the home lighting systems provided by Aditi. The solar home lighting kit consists of solar panels, mounting structure, ancillary components, battery, control electronics, LED or CFL lamp and DC fan.

Solar street lighting systems are also manufactured by the company. The solar modules used for the street lights have a power rating of either 40Wp or 74Wp. Light source is either CFL or LED. The solar modules store enough power during the daytime for the streetlights to function smoothly from evening to dawn.

Solar power plants

Aditi Solar has a wide experience in installing both on grid and off grid solar power plants in various countries all over the world.

Off grid solar power plants are installed for domestic or commercial purposes in areas not connected to electricity grid. Solar power plants in such areas provide continuous power supply without the need for spending money on building power grid. The electricity produced by the solar modules are stored in battery packs for use at night.

On grid solar power plant of various capacities are also installed by aditi green energy. An on grid solar power plant is connected to the main electricity grid and the power generated by it is transmitted to houses and commercial establishments.

The solar engineers of Aditi Solar carry out an assessment of the site, its feasibility, required technology, type of connecting hardware required, etc. prior to commencing the construction process of the solar power plant. Support and maintenance services are always available after the commissioning of the plant.

The expert team of Aditi Solar has more than 40 years of experience in installing both KW and MW solar power plants.

Other products

The other products manufactured by aditi solar pvt ltd hyderabad are as follows.

  • Solar water heating systems using flat plate collectors or evacuated tubes.
  • Solar powered electrical fencing systems for securing homes, factories and other crucial buildings.
  • Solar powered submersible and surface water pumps.
  • Portable solar lanterns using LED or CFL bulbs.

Manufacturing facility

The manufacturing facility of aditi solar hyderabad uses advanced equipments such as laser scribing machines, solar cell testers, solar module laminators, solar lamination machines, curing ovens, etc. to manufacture the solar products. The facility has ISO 9001 and 14001 certification.

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