Engineer Ply (Agarwal & Associates Impex Pvt. Ltd)
Engineer Ply (Agarwal & Associates Impex Pvt. Ltd)

Engineer Ply (Agarwal & Associates Impex Pvt. Ltd)

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Engineer ply is one of the top manufacturers of wooden panel products in India. The company has been in the business of manufacturing high quality veneers and plywood for two decades and has become a popular brand in the field. Apart from high grade plywood and veneers, engineer ply in greater noida also manufactures various kinds of doors, wardrobes and modular kitchens. The crux of engineer ply's quest is to constantly adopt new technologies to improve the quality of products while providing affordable pricing for the customers.

The range of products have been discussed here.


Premium A+ grade timber is used by engineer ply in noida to produce a range of plywoods. Advanced manufacturing process results in high strength plywoods while chemical treatments make them resistant against moisture, termites and borers.

Commercial engineer ply is BWR grade plywood. It is made of a select varieties of hardwood species. BWR type phenol formaldehyde synthetic adhesive is used to bond the layers. This type of plywood is hard and durable.

Fire rated plywood by engineer ply is resistant against ignition, spread of fire and penetration. It also generates less smoke. Fire retardant chemicals used in its construction do not wash out due to leach resistant properties of the plywood. Three tier preservative treatment protects the plywood against termites, borers and fungal growth. The ply can also be easily painted, overlayed or laminated.

Flexi engineer plywood can be bended to a radius of 25mm. The flexi plywoods can be bonded in curved forms easily to get the required thickness. They come in standard thickness of 3mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm and 16mm. The sheets are available in a standard size of 4' X 8'. The surface finish can be veneered, painted, plastered, stained, etc.

Blockboard plywoods are made from European timber. These are dimensionally stable plywoods with a smooth surface. The plywoods are also resistant against termites and other insects attacking wood. They are available in both Interior Grades and Boiling Water Proof grades of plywoods.

The various types of engineer ply for house construction have a number of applications such as engineer ply for partition, engineer ply for wall paneling, engineer ply for bar, engineer ply for ceiling, etc.

The engineer ply price depends upon the type of plywood one needs and the size and thickness as per requirement.

Engineer ply Price List

Types of Engineer ply Products Price
Modular L Shaped Kitchen Rs 1,500/Square Feet
Brown L Shaped Kitchen Rs 1,300/Square Feet
Wooden L Shaped Kitchen Rs 1,100/Square Feet
Engineer Ply Rs 900/Square Feet
Marine Plywood Rs 47/Square Feet


Veneers are very thin slices of wood applied on panels such as plywoods to impart a decorative apperance to the surface. Engineer ply- veneer manufacturer offers both natural and reconstituted veneers.

Natural wood veneer made of real wood gives a classic appearance to the surface. E1 grade low formaldehyde emission MUF resin is used in its construction. It is resistant against termites, borers and moisture. It  comes in a plethora of finishes such as african mahogany, amara ebony, american black cherry, american walnut and many more. Customised sizes are available.

Reconstituted wood veneer is made by dyeing, laminating and re-slicing natural wood. The process produces a unique wood grain pattern. A plethora of recon veneers with various appearances such as canadian cedar, walnut straight, burma teak, white oak crown, white beech, etc. are available.

Modular Kitchens

Engineer Ply designs aesthetically pleasing and highly functional modern modular kitchens. The various designs are as follows.



Enginner Ply manufactures a host of door types and their door frames. Premium quality wooden door frames of various specifications are made by the company. The wooden door frames are resistant against termites and weather changes. The various types of doors offered are as follows.

Veneer doors 
Laminated doors 
Glazed doors 
HDF moulded doors 
Pre Fab doors 
Fire rated doors 


Stylish and highly functional wardrobes are manufactured using plywood, MDF or particle board. The types of wardrobes manufactured are as follows.

Slide door wardrobes 
Walk-in wardrobes 
Swing door wardrobes 


Engineer Ply not only has an extensive dealer network in India but also has a reach in many foreign countries such as engineer ply in kuwait, engineer ply in japan, etc. The company also has an office in Hong Kong apart from its offices in greater Noida, New Delhi and Kanpur.

Online presence

Apart from its official website, engineer ply's online presence extends to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The company also has a You Tube channel.

Engineer Ply (Agarwal & Associates Impex Pvt. Ltd) serves in following cities.



1 Reviews

Mohit Singh

October 18, 2018

Got my kitchen from EngineerPly last month. They have done a great job. I liked their showroom in their factory.

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