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Aica Lamintes India Pvt. Ltd

Aica Lamintes India Pvt. Ltd

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Do you want to find out some of the most elegant home deacor ideas for your modern and elegant interiors? Whether it is about decorating your furniture, windows, doors or other features of your home interiors, you can definitely pick Sunmica laminates as the best option for it. Sunmica is definitely one of the most popular laminate brands in India and they are known to provide a complete range of designs of the laminate sheet that will be used for the decoration of your home in different ways in the most beautiful way.

As you know, laminates are popular for a long time because of the benefits including its cost-effectiveness, durability, scratch resistance and availability of lots of designs, colours and patterns as per the requirements of customers. Now, you can definitely go for sunmica laminates for your home without thinking twice because of the excellent features and benefits as given below:

A complete range of designs, textures and colours

Design is definitely one of the main reasons of using the laminates for home decoration and furniture items. You must be looking for the desired design theme, colour shape and texture in laminates to use it for your home decoration. Now, you can definitely enhance your lifestyle and the interiors of your modern home in the most beautiful way by getting a complete range of colour patterns, textures and shades in sunmica laminates designs. They are known to deliver the best variety of designs and theme options in laminates for the customers.

Excellent quality for high durability

You should understand the importance of quality and durability while using laminates for your furniture or home decoration. Sunmica laminates are made with innovative Japanese technology and they assure you with the superior quality of all these laminates so you don’t have to think twice before getting it for your home. You will definitely find it highly durable because of the use of superior quality material and innovative technology to make it.

Stain resistance

In sunmica laminates, the customers will be able to get the superior features like stain resistance and wear resistance so you will definitely get a long life of the laminates while installing on any kind of furniture, cabinets or other places at your home. Because of such brilliant features for excellent quality, you can also go for sunmica laminates for the kitchen, bedroom furniture or other features of your home.

Easy installation and maintenance

It is true that the laminates are always very easy to install and any kind of furniture item or other locations. You don’t have to face any kind of inconvenience or difficult process for the installation of laminates in the desired way. It is also very effective solution because of requirement of very low maintenance at your place. You don’t have to worry about high maintenance requirements if you are getting sunmica laminates for doors, windows, cabinets or furniture items at your home.

Cost effective

The customers always prefer laminates from the trusted brand but they worry about the price factor on priority. Now, you don’t have to worry about the high cost because you can definitely visit Sunmica wholesale market in Delhi to find excellent price deals for it. You don’t have to pay lots of money while going to decorate your home in a beautiful way with the use of Sunmica laminates for it. It is preferred because of cost-effectiveness by the customers.

Because of all these reasons, you can definitely trust at the Sunmica laminates and can find out the right theme for the decoration of your home in a beautiful way with it.

Aica Laminates Price List

Types of Aica Laminates Price
Aica laminate sheet, 0.8 and 1.25 Rs 1,150/Sheet
Sunmica Laminates, Thickness: 0.92 And 1mm Rs 18/Square Feet
Greenlam & Centuryply & Formica Brown Sunmica Laminates, 1 mm Rs 1,000/Piece
Greenlam & Centuryply & Formica Brown Sunmica Laminates, 1 mm Rs 1,000/Piece
SUNMICA laminate sheet, 1 mm .8 mm Rs 1,050/Sheet
Brown Laminate Sunmica Sheet Rs 1,750/Sheet
High Gloss Sunmica Laminates Rs 650/Piece


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