Alhyatt Interiors Pvt. Ltd. ( Engineers & Contractors )
Alhyatt Interiors Pvt. Ltd. ( Engineers & Contractors )

Alhyatt Interiors Pvt. Ltd. ( Engineers & Contractors )

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Alhyatt Interiors Pvt. Ltd(Engineers & Contractors), part of the Hayatt Group, is one of the leading company in all over India in the interior designing Industry. It has also recently been awarded as the “Rashtriya Udyog Ratna Award”. Hayatt Interiors deals in interior designing. The company has a strong foundation of its business which was laid down way back in 1995. The business grew steady over the years and the company laid down strong foothold in the Industry. Initially it started its business with providing services into the domestic market. It is only in the year 2000 the company started exporting its services into different countries namely Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Bangkok & UAE.

The three basic principles, space utilization, aesthetics orientation and diverse aspects of architectural understanding, corporate dedication and valued services has made us gain the Quality Brand Award Certificate, which further has brought us far ahead of all other companies. Through our creativity and designing sense, we have achieved the prestigious Rashtriya Udyog Ratna Award. Owing to our several years experiences, we efficiently serve clients like IBM Daksh Services Pvt. Ltd, Apollo Tyre India Ltd, Tata Homewell Automation India Ltd. and others. Since the time, we have established, we have Offered our designing and installation services for Zee Cinema World Screen Awards Mumbai and IIFFA Awards 2005, Netherlands.

Today, the company is major suppliers of various services in interior designer industry. The company has shown robust growth in its business, which is evident from its top line, which has grown tremendously. The company has also aggressive plans to establish itself as one of the leading interior designer company with the highest level of quality standards and very competitive price.

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