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Plywood is an engineered wood product. It consists of three or more layers of thin sheets of wood glued with each other to form a single flat sheet of wood. The wood grain of each layer is perpendicular to the other layer. Plywood is more hardwearing and durable than conventional wood. It is a very common material used to make partitions, external walls, framework for wet concrete, flooring systems, furniture, doors, shutters and packaging.

Headquarters of the company

The corporate office of Alishan Plywood is located in Kolkata. The address of alishan plywood kolkata office is as follows.

 BB Ganguly Street ( 5TH FLOOR), 
 Road NO. 8, Kolkata - 700 012 

Alishan plywood pvt ltd is a leading producer of plywood. The company manufactures wide range of plywood products for both housing and marine applications. The various types of ply offered by Alishan have been mentioned here.

BWP Plywood

BWP stands for boiling water proof. BWP Plywood are exterior grade plywoods which are made using phenolic resins. They are used for constructing  boats and ships because this kind of plywood is suitable for long term exposure to moisture. The alishan ply of BWP variety is made from Gurjan wood species imported from South East Asia. Phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin is used as the bonding agent. Acid chrome copper preservative is also used in the construction to protect the plywood against changes in temperature, humidity and wetting and drying. The plywood is also resistant against termites, borers, fungal growth and bettles. The quality of alishan bwp plywood is IS 710 certified. BWP plywood is also known as marine grade plywood.

BWR Plywood

BWR means boiling water resistant. It is lesser in quality and strength than BWP plywood. BWR plywood is used to make home and office furniture. It is suitable to be used in indoor, outdoor and semi-outdoor areas. Synthetic phenol formaldehyde resin is used to glue the sheets of wood together. Preservatives and other chemicals are also used to protect the plywood against pests and weather elements.

Crystal Plywood

Crystal alishan plywood is made from 100% Burmese Gurjan. Each layer used in the construction of plywood is treated with pure Boric Borax solution. Phenol formaldehyde resin of BWP grade is used for gluing the layers. Chemical treatment is done to protect the plywood against termites. The glue is also poisoned for good protection against insects. 

Alishan plywood Price List

Types Of Alishan Plywwod Price
Alishan Ply Rs 110/Square Feet
Alishan Marine Plywood, 16MM and 18 Rs 95/Square Feet
Alishan BWP 1.84 x 0.92 mts 19 mm Ply Rs 130/Square Feet
Alishan BWP 2.44 x 1.22 mts 19 mm Ply Rs 100/Square Feet

Alishan uses advanced machinery to create high quality plywoods. Thus, the company offers the best plywoods at affordable rates. The alishan plywood price depends upon its grade such as Marine, BWR or Crystal, its size in metres and thickness in milimetres. Thus, the final alishan plywood cost is determined on the basis of type of construction for which the plywood is required and the total size and thickness required for the same.

One can compare the alishan plywood price list on various online stores to purchase at the best possible rates.

Beneficial properties of plywood

Plywood possesses the structural strength of the wood it is made and also has extra strength due to its laminated design. The grains of every sheet are at 90 degree to one another which also prevents the plywood sheet from splitting. The plywood sheet also has a high strength to weight ratio.

Plywood can be modified to suit any type of construction. The thickness of the plywood can vary as per requirement. The number of layers can also differ from three layers to many. Flexible plywood have 2-3 layers.
Plywood is resistant against moisture by the virtue of the adhesive used to glue the layers. Paint or varnish can also be used to improve moisture resistance of the plywood. Moisture resistance properties ensure that the wood does not shrink, warp or expand due to moisture exposure.

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