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Austin Plywood is an undertaking of BS. Progressive Pvt Ltd., which was launched in the year 1988. Since its foundation stone was laid, Austin Plywood has been progressing gradually and has carved out a separate niche in the plywood and block board market, as per the present scenario. Austin plywood manufactures high-quality plywood. Austin plywood in India is not just a popular name but is also a trustworthy brand that has left a mark in the plywood industry. Austin power ply’s products are certified as per the standards of British 1088 by Lloyds (UK). The company uses advanced technology and innovative techniques to manufacture premium quality products. The major focus of the company is service to their customers and customer satisfaction. Austin Ply provides a variety of products in terms of plywood and block board as raw materials. Their production means are tried and tested, and the company has earned a name for its on-time delivery as well. The company has its outlets and units at several places throughout the country like the Austin plywood unit in Kolkata, Austin plywood unit at Bhubaneswar, Austin plywood in Hyderabad, etc. Austin plywood is counted among the top plywood brands in the country.

Austin plywood products

The company manufactures a wide array of products like marine plywood, flush doors, flexible plywood, film face plywood, fire retardant plywood, structural plywood, and durable marine plywood.

The durable marine plywood by Austin Plywood fits the British standard 1088 (specified for other Austin hardwoods as well), and is a highly durable and heavy duty plywood. It can be used in boat building as well as designing several parts of the boat or a vessel. It is used in projects that require high-grade face panels. The durable marine ply by Austin Plywood is resistant to fungal attacks as well. It is one of the unique Austin plywoods.

The company also manufactures flush doors, which are one of a kind. These plywood doors made up of seasoned plywood can be used for designing your home, office, workspace, etc. These flush doors are weatherproof and great in terms of durability and quality. Also, these flush doors are waterproof.

Another great product that the company manufactures is fire retardant plywood. This plywood is treated with special chemicals and hence becomes resistant to fire. Important documents and artwork, papers, and manuscripts can suffer a huge loss in case of an accidental fire outbreak. Using fire retardant plywood for designing your wardrobes, shelves, and cupboards is a wise choice. This FR-grade plywood has a lesser tendency to ignite or spark. Austin fire retardant plywood is the best fire-resisting furnishing solution throughout the country. The surface of the plywood reduces the chances of fire spreading to a good extent.

Austin flexi ply has been specially designed to bend without being chipped or stained. You can paint, plaster or even veneer it. This flexi plywood is equally durable at the same time.

There are several Austin plywood dealers in Kolkata and Hyderabad. The contact details and the detailed Austin plywood price list are all available on the website of company.

Austin Plywood Price List

Austin Plywood 

Price List 

Austin Club Plus Plywood

Rs 4,160 /Square Feet 


Rs 68 /Square Feet

Austin Veneer Core Plywood

Rs 68 /Square Feet

Residential Plywood

Rs 100 /Square Feet

Burmawud Platinum Plywood

Rs 3,040/Sheet

Marine Grade Plywood

Rs 40 /Square Feet

Plywood- Greenply, Austin, and others 

Rs 22/Foot

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