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Formed in 2010 at Bengaluru, Avi Solar is one of the pioneer organizations in producing a wide range of solar products. The company is responsible for producing all type of solar products such as solar lights, solar pumps, solar garden lights and similar other objects. There are experienced professionals who are dedicatedly working in this organization. The company started its journey in 2010 with a small group of people. All the employees give the utmost effort in providing quality products to their clients.

Product Range:

Solar Products: Avi solar energy pvt. Ltd is totally engaged in producing or manufacturing a wide variety of solar products such as various types of solar lights, pumps or lights used in various gardens. 

  • The high quality of solar power generators is manufactured by them. High- quality materials are mainly involved in producing such generators.

  • All type of outdoor lightening is mainly produced by them. These lights have good longevity. The average lifespan of each light is 50,000 to 1, 00,000. On the other hand, the CLF bulbs run for about 1000 hours.

  • These types of lights switch on automatically during the night and get switched off as the day comes.

  • The lights are quite good for saving energy to a great extent.

In fact, Avi solar energy private Limited is really a reputed organization in producing a wide variety of solar products. They are also responsible for supplying their products to various corners of the world at a comparatively reasonable price.

Home Solar Systems:

Avi solar energy has been successful in providing power to the areas that are deprived of electricity.  Obviously, those areas who are deprived of electricity can now think something new.

  • Thermal and Heat Pumps:

These places can now install pumps for meeting their daily requirements.

  • Low consumption of electricity:

All the devices made of solar power always consume less electricity and fuel. They are a great energy saver.

  • Eco-friendly nature:

Avi solar energy produces devices that are eco-friendly in nature. They are quickly rechargeable.

Energy Storage System:

It has been observed that the energy stored is mostly wasted during the cloudy days. So there are two main systems in storing such energy. One is the Battery Banks and the other one is the Grid-Inter-Tie. The battery bank stores or keeps the energy with the assistance of a PV solar power system.

Supply Chain:

The company is engaged in supplying their products to many countries in the world. Through the process of the supply chain, the country gets the option of developing it to be a part of renewable energy. Avi solar Ahmedabad is also growing and expanding slowly.

Brand Value:

Avi Solar energy private Limited is really achieving great progress with a team of experienced employees. They are really engaged in manufacturing and supplying top quality products with the introduction of good materials. Their employees never entertain or compromise with low- quality products and this is their only specialty.

Avi Solar energy Private Limited Bangalore is one of the leading companies in producing a wide range of solar products. 

Avi Solar Product Price List

Types of Solar Products Price
Solar LED Street Light with SMF Battery Rs 10,500/Unit
Solar Panel Rs 30/Watt
Poly Crystalline Patanjali Solar Panel Rs 26/Watt
Poly Crystalline Thermal Solar Panel, Voltage: 12 V Rs 35/Watt
983 Mm Poly Crystalline Solar Panal, 24 V, 320 W Rs 23/Watt

Avi Solar serves in following cities.

Agartala Agethi Ahmedabad Aizawl Allahabad Amini Amli Androth Island Aurangabad Maharashtra Bangalore Bhopal Bhubaneswar Bombuflat Chandigarh Chennai Coimbatore Coimbatore city Cuttack Dadra Daman Dehradun Delhi Diu Faridabad Gangtok Garacharma Ghaziabad Goa Greater Noida Guntur Show more


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