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Canadian Solar was founded in the year 2001 in Ontario, Canada. The company has expanded to 20 countries in 6 continents. The canadian solar inc operates high-grade manufacturing facilities in Canada, Brazil, China and many other countries in South-East Asia. The total manufacturing capacity of the company in terms of power generated by its solar modules is 9 GW. More than 32 GW worth of solar modules have already been sold by canadian solar to customers in over 150 countries.

Product range

Solar panels- The canadian solar panels have been divided into various classes. Some of them have been discussed here.

  • Dymond solar panel has a rating of 315/345 W. The panel has heat strengthened glass serving as backsheet and has no metal frame. The solar panel is resistant against corrosion, UV rays, high temperature and high humidity.
  • Standard canadian solar modules are capable of generating high power even under low sunlight conditions. The frame can withstand snow load up to maximum of 6000 Pa and wind load up to a maximum of 4000 Pa. Power rating is 265/280 W.
  • All-Black is a canadian solar 265w solar panel. This panel is made of 60 solar cells designed to give high yield under even under low light. The panel is capable of withstanding load up to 5400 Pa.
  • HIKU solar panel uses poly wafer solar cells to generate a maximum power of 405 W. Thus, it produces 24% more power as compared to other solar modules. The panel can withstand snow load up to a maximum of 5400 Pa.

The canadian solar panels price depends upon the power rating, construction, dimensions, type of solar cells used and other features. The price is usually quoted on a per wattage basis. For example, a polycrystalline solar panel of dimensions 1960 x 992 x 40 mm with a power rating of 315-330 W can cost Rs 26 per watt. The total canadian solar price also includes the installation cost and the prices of the ancillary components.

Home solar systems- Canadian Solar manufactures off-grid solar energy systems for houses in locations not connected to electricity grid or lacking sufficient electricity.

  • Atlas mini solar system provides maximum power of 10 W. It is sufficient for lighting up bulbs and recharging phones.
  • Maple 3 Energy Solar System provides power for lighting up homes, camps and acts as a power bank for phones and other devices. Maximum power rating is 3 W.

Energy storage system- Canadian Solar offers Camel Energy Storage System. This system charges its battery during the daytime using solar energy. The battery is then used to provide power during peak usage hours and during emergencies when the main grid is down. The unit is capable of both on-grid and off-grid charging.

Supply chain

Canadian solar is present in many countries all over the world such as canadian solar thailand, canadia solar India, canadian solar Australia and canadian solar Japan to name a few.

There are designated canadian solar suppliers present in respective countries. It is essential to buy canadian solar panels only from authorised suppliers.

Brand value

Canadian Solar is one of the top canadian solar companies with over 12,000 employees providing solar power solutions throughout the world. With ownership of 1.4 Gwp worth of solar power plants and 4.3 Gwp of completed solar projects globally, Canadian Solar has emerged as a giant among other canadian solar panel companies.

Canadian Solar is one of the best canadian solar companies providing clean, safe and cost effective solar energy solutions.

Canadian Solar Panels Price

Types of Canadian Solar Panel Price
Mono Crystalline Canadian Solar Panel Voltage: 12 V Rs 29/ Watt
315 W Canadian Solar Panel, Operating Voltage: 24 V Rs 24/ Watt
Canadian Solar Panel, Voltage: 12 V Rs 27/ Watt
100 W Canadian Solar Panel, Voltage: 24 V Rs 28/ Watt
Canadian Polycrystalline Solar Panels Rs 26.5/ Watt

Canadian Solar serves in following cities.

Agartala Agethi Ahmedabad Aizawl Allahabad Amini Amli Androth Island Aurangabad Maharashtra Bangalore Bhopal Bhubaneswar Bombuflat Chandigarh Chennai Coimbatore Coimbatore city Cuttack Dadra Daman Dehradun Delhi Diu Faridabad Gangtok Garacharma Ghaziabad Goa Greater Noida Guelph Show more


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