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The LUBE group comprises: Creo Kitchens: a brand new, one container of emotions, a point of reference for unusual environments, kitchens and living areas, dedicated to a modern audience, attentive, open-mind, with the original products, sophisticated, customizable, united by the fil-rouge of the right quality and price.

A NEW BRAND A container for emotions, a point of reference dedicated to a modern, demanding and open-minded public. CREO Kitchens creates infinite alchemies with you. Just like us you love originality, refinement, customization and anti-conformism. You are youthful in age or in taste and you know how to choose products that meet your expectations, products that offer the right price/quality ratio.

NEW TRENDS Everyone can find the formula to express their own style in CREO Kitchens, using a highly personalized mix of original and exclusive com positional solutions. CREO Kitchens combines different codes together in a playful game of matches and opposites, contemporary and traditional, colorful and neutral, hot and cold, polished and matt, in order to create completely unique and customized looks.

SENSITIVITY FOR ENVIRONMENT CREO Kitchens provides concrete responses to worldwide calls for environmental sustainability. This commitment takes the form of the use of Ecological Panels and Eco-compatible materials for making our products, the rational management of resources and continuous improvements in the manufacturing process. This includes the use of a large photo-voltaic system at our plant, which guarantees minimum environmental impact for energy generation every day.

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