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DIMEX is a GERMAN Brand –DIMEX GmbH, Nehren – Stuttgart, Germany - made its first aluminum shutters in 1933, it started extruding uPVC window & door profiles in Bad Württemberg Germany in 1979. In1983 DIMEX GmbH became a well reputed, international fame, and a quality leader in German upvc profile extrusion industry.

To benefit from growing Chinese & Asian economies Between 2000 & 2002, The 3- Big reputed German uPVC companies, including DIMEX Nehren, set up their own upvc profile extrusion plants in mainland China. In 2008-9 came the 4 the German company in China. So there are altogether 4 German Brands who extruded in China and exported uPVC profiles to India.

while celebrating 10Years Jubilee in India-Under the Make in India plan It is foreseen to produce Dimex Profiles in India by 2019.

In 2007,Dimex GmbH of Germany entered the Indian Markets with Dimex India Pvt.Ltd. Today DIMEX India offer an unparalleled High UV formulations for Full range of UPVC Windows Doors German IFT B category profiles , They are smart & chic for luxury - for new as well old Houses & good priced flats in India, Also ideal- for Hotels, Hospitals ,Schools universities ,government properties & corporate buildings etc .

The High UV Formulation

In India, NewZealand & Australia the UV rating is very high. After an extensive R&D over the years Dimex has developed a special high UV retardant formulation. 8000 Hours of Xenon Testing - possible only with - 7 to8 parts of Titanium .dioxide -The profiles with 2.25 to 2.7mm Extruded with Original German Moulds-- Certified by TIPPET of India and SKZ of Germany There is no other profile in Indian market who can offer all 3 mentioned properties.

The Colours

The Dimex High Standard window Profiles are available, In White, in Coated Ral colors, in Co-extruded colors & Laminated in wooden shades . The shapes – There is no end to the Imagination With Dimex system any window of any shape & of any reasonable dimension is possible. Also , the arched ones.

The Types

- Fixed Windows- The Sliding Windows- The Sliding Doors –The Casement Windows –The Casement Door

The Sophisticated designs l- Tilt & slide, Fold & slide doors, Lift & Slide doors- The UPVC Partitions,-All are possible with Dimex High UV resistant , uPVC Profiles.

Insulation according to DIN EN 12412-2UF=1.7W/Sqm K

The Wind pressure

Dimex upvc profile system is also calculated for 30 Plus storied- high rise buildings. The calculations can be provided according to the building/project.

The High UV Formulation

-After several years of intensive R&D , Dimex has been able to develop“ Dimex High UV Formulation with 8 parts of Tio2 for UV sensitive India,Australia & NewZealand regions .see the map in www.dimexinfo.comwhiteness of upvc profiles

8000 Hrs Xenon Test

-It is an artificial light test to control UV effect. To Take Dimex Profile System to a New higher level, Dimex’s Premium Profiles provides a Unique 8000 Hrs UV retardant Xenon test certificate .That is, to verify the longevity of the whiteness of upvc profiles

The Most of the competitors can provide certificates only for 6000 hrs.This advancement has stunned many, And .

Dimex has taken the lead. Dimex sales persons not only can talk of superior quality but can now also provide The authentic CIPET (Central Institute of Plastic Engineering & technology under the ministry of petroleum of Govt. of India ).

The Builders, The architects, The house owners can be sure about the DIMEX quality when they buy uPVC Windows -made of dimex Profiles & Dimex Hardware.

Dimex Hardware

- The own DIMEX Hardware collection enhances the quality further ! Hardware is the soul of the window, Dimex hardware is the guarantee - for Its distinguished & graceful looks, for the Life of the windows , & their smooth functioning.

The Industry Developement

since last 5 years the industry, has started moving at a higher pace , showing a tremendous scope to grow, in particular, it has started liking and appreciating DIMEX advancement. Dimex Fabricators - Feel More Confident than ever their sales is increasing .they feel encouraged & safer to sell energy efficient, High UV resistant Windows made with Dime Profiles & fitted with Dimex Hardware . With the result Dimex fabricators are also increasing in numbers, shifting to DIMEX Brand.

Dimex is firmly resolved to bring & help bring the Best uPVC windows in Indian Markets !!

An Invitation

-Dimex Invite all those who are connected with this industry & welcome all possible feedback to keep it improving continuously. The Industry need to work united to ignite the chain reaction of awareness for uPVC windows . Even if today upvc has only reached 8 to 10 % awareness in India .The fact is that uPVC is inevitable in India . Wood is scarce /expensive & people don’t want to install retelling aluminum windows in Homes ! There is no question-This industry is going to develop and get bigger and bigger every day, It has a long…way to go. when we know in Europe & the USA -its share in the residential sector is over 60%. Dimex firmly believe that one day uPVc is likely to enjoy that 60% share also in Indian markets. More awareness means More windows to produce & more windows to sell . In order to gain customers trust - over other kind of windows, The upvc industry is obliged to produce & supply only The high quality “B category” windows , fitted with good Hardware & at reasonable prices. -Dimex is the solution you can be sure of !

Devoted to the Industry

-In the interest of the reputation of the industry, The new fabricators are advised to refrain using all those cheap upvc profiles with the cheap formulation . The profiles which contain more than 20%Caco3 /Calcium Carbonate , & No Titanium dioxide or not enough of it. May cause many many quality issues in windows that you make & sell , like turning yellow very soon , brittleness, dis/integration, a retelling of the hardware etc etc. You won’t have time to go back for repairs and return money to the customers, It may turn into big losses.

In General, view, taking advantage of the customers ignorance can be considered cheating them .

No laboratory allows such formulation. Nor do they do any lab tests on profiles under 2.25 mm, wall thickness. The customers can & should ask vendors the latest test certificates of The profiles actually used to make their ordered windows . Customer must make sure If the shown and the actually used profiles are the same – This problem is mainly being caused by the cheap Chinese profile suppliers & new ignorant fabricators those who want to enter the industry at any cost.


Dimex Profiles are environment friendly dedicated to save the nature, save the trees to influence and convince builders/developers , architects house owners -to install only the energy efficient ,functional ,maintenance free uPVC windows in new houses and replace all existing ones – Dimex windows are well formulated, are Lead Free , energy saving, termite proof & water proof and their life is 60-70 years without much maintenance, Called windows for life ,No painting required

-Dimex welcome you all - to join the QUALITY MISSION .

Dimex Commitment – since the industry is still new in India, the skilled man power is still in shortage, the same workers are shifting from one workshop to another for the better payment. Realizing the increasing need and also to maintain the quality standards - Dimex has started its first fabrication training center in Delhi/NCR. where it plans to start training at least 10 workers every month -contact us for more information.

Indian Network -Just for information Dimex Windows are already being customized & fabricated by 21 Dimex fabrication partners at 16 plus locations in India. And this Number is on increase, more and more window fabricators are shifting to Dimex Profile systems .

Th ZAK Exhibition held in India every year since 2006 is the biggest indicator of this industry’s growth , Dimex is happy to meet and register more and more fabricators, builders and architects every year.

Dimex has now 3 x warehouses in India. New Delhi , Bangalore Hyderabad , The Mumbai , The Kolkata are in planning to make functional by the end of 2018.

Dimex believe in healthy competition - .

Dimex-German Philosophy is-“Quality- Quality & Quality ! Dimex Quality speaks,

It stands out when you put it against any other brand.

On request, We shall be glad to send you Free samples !

Dimex India Pvt. Ltd. serves in following cities.

Delhi Faridabad Ghaziabad Greater Noida Gurgaon Noida


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