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Sarda Plywood Industries Ltd. is one of the common brands one opts for, when it comes to the

market of the country. It is a flagship company under the known Chitlangia group. The parent company specialises in many other products as well, like tea, paper, etc. Sarda Plywood Industries selects its raw materials both indigenously and from other countries as well. The company works with the key aspect of innovating new products using the perfect combination of modern techniques and high-grade technology. The company is known for its quality products and performance. Customer satisfaction is one of the main motives of Sarda Plywood Industries Limited. Sarda ply has carved a niche for itself in the plywood and block board market throughout the years. The products manufactured by Sarda Industries pass through several quality assurance checks. Sarda Industries makes use of state-of-the-art technology and manufactures a variety of plywoods.

Sarda Plywood Products

The products manufactured by Sarda industries are flush doors, laminated doors, veneers, veneer plywood, teak veneers, natural veneers, block boards, titanium plywood, etc.

Sarda Industries makes use of seasoned and high-quality timber to manufacture flush doors. The wood is specially selected, select chemicals are used and durable flush doors are prepared. These flush doors can be used for furnishing the interiors of your household, workspace and institute. It is the perfect choice for bedroom, hall and kitchen decors. Extra thick ‘A’ quality veneers are used in the manufacturing of these doors. These flush doors are available in different dimensions and sizes. Since these flush doors are chemically treated, they are termite and bore proof.

Another great product by Sarda Industries is the teak veneer. These teak veneers are one of the most durable products in the plywood industry. The timber used in the making of these teak veneers is selected, seasoned and then specially processed. The material undergoes a THT treatment and this enhances their resistant against moisture and hydration. These veneers are also termite resistant and make for an excellent furnishing option. These veneers can be used to several uses.

Block boards by Sarda Industries Ltd. is another fine product from their range of plywood products. The products used in the manufacturing of these are ISO 1659 certified, and it is available in the sizes of 16, 19, 25 and 30 mm. These block boards are sturdy and durable, while at the same time they have a smooth surface. Kiln dried sawn timber is used in the manufacturing of these block boards. They are suitable for vertical furnishing and can be used while designing doors, walls, partitions, etc. Apart from all these qualities, these block boards are also resistant to warping.

The LVL laminated veneers by Sarda Industries is bonded under special temperature conditions and external pressure, to produce the supreme quality laminated doors.

All products manufactured by the company are good in quality and are durable.

To find more information about the Sarda Plywood Industries Ltd, Ahmedabad, Sarda Plywood Industries Ltd. Kolkata or Sarda Plywood Industries Ltd. Rajkot, you can visit the Sarda plywood portal online.

Sarda Plywood  Price List

Type of Sarda Plywood 

Price List 

Duro Plywood

Rs 4,000/Piece

Duro Plywood

Rs 115 /Square Feet


Rs 100 /Square Feet

Gurjan Plywood

Rs 75 /Square Feet

Sonear Plywood

Rs 105 /Square Feet

Commercial Plywood

Rs 60 /Square Feet

Marine Plywood

Rs 80 /Square Feet

Our Products

Flush Doors by Duro

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Laminated Doors by Duro

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Veneer Door by Duro

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Kolkata, West Bengal

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