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Eurobond ACP Sheet

A division of Euro Panel Products Limited, EUROBOND is renowned for its superior and durable panels. The business exports and manufactures aluminium composite panels. For over a decade, the business has offered ACP and cutting-edge metal composite panels for residential and commercial buildings.

Mumbai serves as the brand's corporate office, where all operations have been overseen for the past 12 years. With the quickest deliveries possible, Eurobond ACP serves its international clients from its factory in Umergaon.

With a commitment to offering sandwich panels, cladding panels, or composite panels made of Eurobond ACP sheet that is of the highest quality and adheres to industry requirements, the business has been expanding. The company operates one of India's top laboratories, which allows it to accurately measure testing parameters and guarantee consistently high product quality outputs.

Know More About the Products Supplied by Eurobond

This brand is becoming more and more popular nowadays because of the vast array of options that it provides. Homeowners and Designers usually prefer this brand because the Eurobond 4mm ACP sheet price, Eurobond ACP price list, and Eurobond HPL sheet price are pretty reasonable. 

Teak Texture ACP: Its texture is similar to teak and is woody. It is the ideal fusion of quality and elegance and has extraordinary charm and beauty. It feels like a work of art with exceptional charm and beauty. Ideal for those who adore the outdoors and rooms with wooden furnishings. The aesthetically pleasing complete design is ideally suited to preserve the exterior design of business offices, showrooms, airports, restaurants, retail centres, etc., since it is inspired by nature.

Maple Texture ACP Sheets: They are alluring because of their brownish and reddish colouring. This is extensively applicable in various settings, including outdoor events and ones. In addition to being utilised as curtain wall panels and in rehabilitating historic structures, it is typically used in cladding, partitioning, and creating exterior walls.

White Oak Texture ACP Sheets: The installation and upkeep of white oak walnut aluminium composite panels are simple. It can be utilised to improve the efficiency of contemporary building and architectural industries. Due to their elegant and subtle appearance, they are most frequently employed for building facades and interiors. The Eurobond aluminium composite panel price of these sheets is also quite reasonable. 

Rose Wood Texture ACP Sheets: These Rose Wood shade coverings have various benefits, including weather resistance, heat and sound insulation, and many more. Because of their warm, rustic tone, these are strongly advised for use on doors, walls, and windows. Even more, these linens give the room a cosy, homey feel.

Smoke Oak Light Texture ACP: One of the most adaptable and widely-used panels, these sheets have a light, woody colour, and texture. Homeowners, interior designers, and builders enjoy it since it has a wide range of uses in the business, industrial, and entertainment sectors.

ACP Sheet ER 105 Jade Green: These sheets are among the most unique and eye-catching items in the house because of their elegant and regal jade colour. To enhance the appearance of the area, it can be utilised to create accent panels, doors, windows, and partition walls in the home. Even in commercial structures, you can use these sheets as the Eurobond aluminium panel sheet price of this sheet is quite affordable.

Learn More About Eurobond ACP Series

The series of this brand is quite versatile and unique which is one of the most popular choice in the market. People prefer this product because the Eurobond ACP sheet price is quite affordable. You can quickly check the Eurobond ACP sheet near me and the Eurobond sheet price in Eurobond ACP sheet catalogue pdf for more details. 

Metallic ACP Sheet: The innovative colour coating technique guarantees smooth surfaces with high glossiness and clarity. Metallic panels produce vibrant impressions and natural sights. Most interior designers use metallic sheets for wall cladding, kitchen cabinets, partitions, false ceilings, and various other interior applications because of the high-quality colour material and shiny finish, which give your building's surface a distinctive aesthetic and rich look.

Solid Series: Solid sheets come in a variety of widths, colours, and finishes, making them perfect for use in a variety of building applications. This implies that you can design almost any style you choose. It comes in primary colours, which can be used for cabinets, doors, partition panels, windows, etc. Hence, these are the most versatile and multi-functional sheets. 

Wooden Series:  Wooden Finish sheets have a gentle, aged appearance that can make your living area a calm retreat and enable you to bring indoor items outside. They are easy to assemble, light, quick to cut, fireproof, and environmentally beneficial. They are affordable, dependable, and anti-bacterial.

High Gloss Series: High-gloss sheet has an eye-catching design that increases the appeal and gives a fantastic sheen. Installing it is simple, thanks to its modest weight. High-gloss sheets come in various colors, textures, and other characteristics. These are usually used for enhancing the appearance of your home due to their appealing look. 

Marble Series: These marble sheets have become an essential part of the contemporary infrastructure. The widespread usage of stone-finish aluminium composite panels in numerous applications is responsible for the building industry's quick expansion. Because stone-finish aluminium composite sheets are inexpensive, lightweight, strong, and trendy, marble sheets are indeed in style.

Stone Series: For a light, simple-to-install, and simple-to-maintain stone finish in any elevation, this sheet is the best option. This affordable panel comes in a variety of stunning hues. Your facade has a natural, exquisite appearance thanks to the various finishes and patterns, like stone. Use these sheets to decorate the constructions since they have a realistic stone impression.

Brush Series: Sheets with a brushed texture are frequently used to make exterior and internal curtain walls, beautify and renovate existing structures, and embellish interior walls, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens, balconies, and advertisement boards. Because of the artistic quality that their brush textures convey, Brush Finish sheets have been in high demand in recent years. Everyone admires and enjoys them since they are varied and have unique appearances.

Eurobond ACP Sheet Price List

Eurobond ACP Sheet Price
Teak Texture ACP Sheet Rs 120/ Square Feet
Maple Texture ACP Sheets Rs 123Square Feet
White Oak Texture ACP Sheet Rs 128Square Feet
Rose Wood Texture ACP Sheet Rs 128/ Square Feet
ACP Sheet ER 105 Jade Green Rs 115/square feet

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Riya Shah

January 23, 2019

They contacted me quickly, I got good quality ACP sheets at a reasonable rate from here. Nice service


February 14, 2019

Got good price for bulk sheets and great service, I liked it

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