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Faber is a renowned name in kitchen technology. The company designs and manufactures a wide range of kitchen appliances and other kitchen products. Faber was established in 1955 and has its headquarters in Italy. In India, Faber has a substantial market share in kitchen appliances and has been selling its products in the country for the past 20 years. The company's India headquarters and plant is located in Pune, Maharashtra. Faber is also present in France, Sweden, Argentina and Turkey. The company operates a total of 7 plants in 6 countries.

 The wide range of faber kitchen appliances have been discussed here.


A plethora of advanced ceiling and wall mounted faber kitchen chimneys means that the customers have multiple choices of chimneys to select from according to their requirements and taste.

Wall mounted- The various efficient wall mounted faber chimney models have been listed here.

Decoration series consists of chimneys with high quality hoods imported from Italy. For example, the Talika model has an ultraslim vertical hood made of imported Italian material.

3D Hood chimneys with 3-way suction technology. For example, faber 3d chimney STILUX 3D T2S2 TC LTW has a suction pressure of 1095 cubic metres/hr. It has a 3 layer baffle filter and is controlled by electricity.

3D Hood chimneys with 4-way suction technology. For example, ARCO 3D PLUS T2S2 BK LTW 3d chimney with 4-way suction technology. Suction pressure is 1150 cubic metres/hr. It has triple layer baffle filter.

SIL-K series of chimneys use a technology that reduces hood sound significantly. For example, STILO SIL-K LTW chimney with a 3 layer baffle filter and suction pressure of 1000 cubic metres/hr.

Auto- clean series chimneys are equipped with auto cleaning functions. For example, CLASSY ENERGY HC BF TC chimney with electronic touch control and stainless steel with black glass finish. Suction pressure is 1500 cubic mteres/hr.

Other models of wall mounted Faber chimneys include traditional, filterless and decorative series.

Ceiling mounted- The ceiling mounted range of Faber chimneys include the following models.

Collection series featuring premium imported hoods. For example, PAREO chimney with telescopic island hood made of Italian material controlled by remote control.

Island series of aesthetically pleasing chimneys. For example, SLIM PLUS chimney with a suction pressure of 1000 cubic metres/hr and triple layer baffle filters.

The faber chimney models and prices are interrelated. Higher the quality of the model, more will it cost. The online stores list faber chimney models with price. Before you decide to buy faber chimney online, it is better to get complete information about each model so that you purchase the best one according to your needs.

The faber chimney online price may vary from one online store to another. You can compare faber chimney price list of various models on different online stores.

Faber Kitchen Chimney Price List

Types of Faber Chimney  Price
Faber Kitchen Chimney Rs 20,000/ Piece
Faber Chimney Rs 10,000/ Piece
Black Faber Kitchen Chimney Rs 9,990/ Piece
Faber Modular Kitchen Chimney Rs 10,000/ Unit
Faber Feel Kitchen Chimney Rs 12,500/ Piece
Automatic Faber Kitchen Chimney Rs 12,000/ Piece
Faber 3D Chimney Rs 25,990/ Piece

There are also many attractive faber chimney offers offered by various online stores. For example, discounted faber kitchen chimney price for a 3D Tender Hood 60cm 2 triple layer baffle filter with 1295 m3/hr suction pressure is Rs 13,799, down from Rs 24,290 on Amazon. There is no dearth of affordable faber chimney online prices.

Apart from the faber chimney cost, you also need to pay the service charge for installation. Technicians from Faber expertly install the chimney. Thus, the total faber chimney price includes the cost of the unit and the installation charge.

Positive faber chimney reviews by its users have made the brand one of the best selling kitchen chimneys in Indian market. Advanced features, high grade construction and long warranty periods have contributed to ther popularity.

Apart from installtion, faber chimney service also includes regular cleaning and maintenance service to keep the chimney in perfect working condition. Service frequency can be 2 times, 3 times, 4 times or 6 times in a year.

A plethora of faber chimney dealers are present in all the states of India. The official website of Faber has a dealer locator feature. You simply need to enter your region, state, and city name. The locator will automatically pinpoint the locations of Faber dealers in a map of your city.

Other appliances

Ovens- Faber offers in-built ovens and microwave ovens with a host of features such as sensor touch control, multi-functional features, and large capacities. Stainless steel or black glass finish adds to the aesthetics of the ovens.

Cooktops- A range of cooktops with multiple burners, automatic ignition, and stainless steel or black glass finish is available in widths ranging between 60cm to 90cm.
Semi-Integrated dishwasher- Faber semi-integrated dishwasher is a height-adjustable automatic washer with 14 capacity settings.

Other appliances include faber kitchen sink, built-in refrigerator, built-in coffee machine and built-in warmer drawer. You can transfrom your ordinary kitchen into a faber modular kitchen by incorporating the complete range of Faber kitchen appliances in your kitchen. 


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