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Glass & Glazing Systems Pvt Ltd is the only manufacturer of Tempered/ Toughened Glass and Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) in Kerala. The first plant of its kind in the state was established in the year 2003 with imported Tamglass tempering line. The company is located in Kochuveli Industrial Estate Trivandrum, Kerala. Customer focus, Customized Solution provider, delivering tomorrow's technology today's & dedicated human resource capital with inclusive growth are primary factors for our success, & these attributes have made us a major player in the market.

Facilities in the plant include dedicated stocking bay for unloading, Mechanized handling of glass automated CNC cutting line from Bottero Italy, Polishing and Drilling machines from Vitrododi Italy, state of the art IGU line from Tenon Korea, and most advanced Dual process Tempering line from Tamglass Finland. The tempering plant is capable of tempering 650 sq meter of 12mm thick glass per day. The fixed asset of the company amounts to about INR 100 million with an annual production capacity of 2 million mm-sq meter. The production line is supported by a fully computerized ERP system, for optimum efficiency. The company owns a substation and 1000 KV diesel generator back up for uninterrupted power. The company has its presence felt in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.


Various factors like wind pressure, glass thickness, human load, aspect ratio, glazing type etc. needs to considered before selecting the safety glass. Below given are few standards available, which can be referred to correctly select the safety glass.

IS 2553 (Part 1): 1990 Safety Glass Specification
IS2835:1987: Specification for flat transparent Sheet glass (third revision)
IS 875: Codes for wind loads.
BS 952: For nominal thickness of glass
ANSI Z 97.1 1984 (R1994): Safety Glazing Materials-Used in Buildings-Safety Performance specifications and methods of tests.
AS 1288 - 2006: Glass in buildings Selection and Installation
BS 6262 Part 4 - 1994: Code of Practice for Glazing for Buildings Safety related to Human Impact
For guidance on installation of glass on the following International Standards
IS : 3548 - 1988 (Code of Practice for Glazing in Buildings)
IS : 10439 - 1983 (Code of Practice for Patent Glazing)

Apart from the above Indian Standards the following may be referred:
BS 8213: Part 4: 1990 (Windows, Doors and Roof lights: Code of Practice for the Installation of Replacement Windows and Door sets in Dwellings
BS6262:Part6: 1997 (Code of Practice for Glazing for Buildings: Special Applications)
BS 8000:part7: 1990 (Workmanship on Building sites Code of Practice for Glazing)
AS 1288 -2006: Section 8 and 9, (Glass in Buildings Select ion and Installation)
BS5516-1:2004: Patent Glazing and Sloped Glazing for buildings Code of practice for design and installation
Glass Association of North America Installation Guide
International Standard - EN 12150 1 for Toughened Glass
EN 1863 - 1for Heat Strengthened Glass

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