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HBL Power Systems Limited As A Leading Solar Panel and Battery Manufacturer

Founded in 1977, the listed Indian company of HBL Power Systems Limited is one of the leading manufacturers of engineered products namely batteries, solar panels, electronic power products and also concrete products. The HBL Solar Panel is the epitome of utilizing renewable energy and with this, the company has made its name in practicing eco-friendly way of engineering.

The company has its global presence in Europe, America and Middle-east Asia –it has contacts all over the world where a strong team works earnestly to meet the customers’ needs.

The prime aim of HBL was to fill the gaps of technology through its “indigenous efforts”, with which it built the Aircraft batteries. After its successful development, HBL had started to concentrate on HBL Solar battery. In defense and military, railway signaling and in electronic industries, the batteries have impressed the customers.

The three types of batteries namely Specialized Defense Batteries, Leak Acid Batteries and Nickel-Cadmium Batteries have been dominating the HBL battery price list. The Lead Acid Battery again comes in four variants like Tubular Plate, Flat Plate, Tubular Gel and Pure Lead Tin.

Among the Fibre Plate, Sintered Plate and Pocket Plate Nickel-Cadmium Batteries, NCSP battery is notable for high power and energy. In aviation sector, these safe and high-performance batteries are popular for their high environmental standards.

From automotive VRLA batteries available at INR 700 to Invamagic Battery sold at INR 18,000; the HBL solar battery price list changes according to its utility and power. Power Tool batteries, Stationary Batteries, Industrial Batteries, Thermal and Electrochemical Batteries are some of the popular categories of the solar batteries available online.

Adopting the “green technology” alongside engineering strengths, HBL has come up with manufacturing the renewable energy products like HBL Solar Panel. There are polycrystalline SPV panels which are used in solar powered systems like water pumping, petrol pumps, railway signaling and net metering.

The rooftop installation of HBL solar PV panels work in both On and Off grid modes and are offered with mounted structures to ensure convenience and flexibility to customers. The channel partners and dealers working with HBL are trained properly to install these panels. Moreover, while installing these panels on rooftop of any building, the certified engineering team visits and verifies the site so that the panels are both budget-friendly and effective.

The HBL team tests all the batteries, modules, galvanized structures and inverters before installation. The Sujala Solar Pumps of HBL are another renewable energy sources –these work as water pumps in Off-Grid system. In an environmental-friendly way, the pumps produce electrical energy by converting solar power. This is a smart control method utilized for 3-phase AC pump. The HBL Solar Panel price for this pump is affordable and is widely available in the market, both online and in global stores. You can change the power between grid and solar with the dual switch, hence, these are easy to use.

 The HBL solar panel price list varies according to their size and effectiveness. The qualities like innovative spirit, craftsmanship, environmental friendly method and coexistence has helped HBL rank among the leading electrical manufacturers in the country. 

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