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Since its birth in the year 1998, Kamal Solar has been dedicatedly working in establishing various types of eco-friendly solar products for the common man. Most of their products are available at a very competitive price. The company has also achieved the ISO 9001: 2008 certificate for its quality products. The company strongly believes that customer satisfaction is their greatest achievement. Keeping this in mind, they are dedicatedly working to produce top-class products at a very reasonable price. Their main motive is to educate people about the benefits of solar power.

Product Range

Now let’s have a glimpse at some of the useful products that are manufactured by the company. It would be an interesting matter to know about it. Kamal Solar heater reviews have simply been an excellent one.

  • Kamal solar water heater is mainly of two types. One is the Thermosyphon and the other is the Forced-Circulation type. The first one is quite convenient for domestic use. The second one is mainly used for commercial and industrial purpose.
  • The domestic heater is not used frequently as in the case of forced-circulation type heater. It has been equally observed that Kamal solar heater price is much lower than other ones.
  • Both the heaters have a capacity of 100-125 liters.
  • All the materials and devices that are found inside the heater are corrosion resistant. This is the most vital one as most of the heaters are damaged after a few days because of its interior parts.
  • Kamal solar water heater Bangalore is very economical in nature as it gives good durability. It does not get damaged within 3-4 years of the installation. Most of the parts are made of high-quality products.
  • All the joins are leak proof as it contains 100% GE silicon coating.
  • Water inside the heater can be heated up to 65-80 degree Celsius.
  • Apart from this, there are other such products that are manufactured by Kamal solar Bangalore and these are street lights, home lightings that are also produced by them.

Energy Storage System

Even during the night time, the water of Kamal solar heater is hot as the storage tank is nicely insulated. The storage tank is well equipped with all type of climatic conditions. As the solar radiation becomes to the minimum the electrical back-up heater takes absolute care of the hot water. In fact, the storage system is very advanced and as per modern technology.

Reports have stated that Kamal solar water heater price in Bangalore is quite reasonable in comparison with other brands.

Supply Chain

The company produces quality products and supplies it to various corners of the world. Due to the delivery of top-quality products the company has really achieved good success. Australia, Japan are some of the countries that receive the product of Kamal solar. There are many Kamal solar water heater dealers in Bangalore.

If anyone wishes then they can acquire Kamal solar water heater price list from their office.

Brand Value

Commencing from the Railway Department to other recognized authorities have appreciated and certified the products of this company. Food Corporation of India, Sainik Schools, BHEL, and Accenture are some of their notified customers. The comparatively low price of the Kamal solar water heater cost has compelled people to introduce the item in their daily lives.

Interested people can attain the kamal solar price list from their websites that are very informative. Most of the team members maintain good unity and relation with each other. This is their best quality. In other words, their unity and good work have enabled the company to achieve good success.

Kamal Solar Water Heater Price List

Kamal Solar Water Heater Price
2.03 sq meter Kamal Solar Water Heater Rs 18,000/ Piece
Kamal Solar Hot Water Heating System Rs 21,000/Unit
Kamal Solar Water Heater, Warranty: 1 Year Rs 19,500/Unit
Kamal 150 Lpd Solar Water Heater Rs 23,000/Unit
Kamal Solar 300 LPD Pressurized Solar Water Heater Rs 51,500/Unit

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