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Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of structural steel in India. Apart from structural steel such as flats, beams, channels and the angels, the company is also engaged in the production of thermo-mechanically treated or TMT steel bars, plywoods, colour coated sheets, paints and pre-engineered building. The company has an ISO 9001:2000 certification and is the first company in India to get this certfication.

Steel products and plywood made by Kamdhenu have been discussed here.

Structural steel

Structural steel products by kamdhenu steels include a number of structuaral steel types such as beams, flats, channels, angels, square and round. The structural steel products exhibit high ductility and high strength which makes the structure safe. The structural steel products by Kamdhenu are also known for high ablity to bend and weld. They are also very simple to fabricate.

Kamdhenu structural steel products are cost effecttive because lower sectional weight and higher strength technique is used to manufacture them. This method results saving a large amount of steel.

TMT Bars

TMT bars are made of steel and used for construction of reinforced concrete structures, skyscrapers, dams, bridges, flyovers, industrial structures and other structures. TMT bars are manufactured using Thermal Mechanical Treatment technology. Tempcore based technology is used by Kamdhenu to manufacture TMT bars.

TMT bars by Kamdhenu have a host of superior features such as earthquake resistance, high tensile strength, high flexibility, rust proof, high ductility and malleability and high weldability. The bars also have 4% less weight per metre. Their bonding strength with cement is also very high. The three best grade TMT bars by Kamdhenu are Fe-415, Fe-500 and Fe-550. The strongest TMT bar is Fe-550.

Kamdhenu TMT bars are available in 8mm to 25mm sizes and even 28mm to 32mm sizes.

It is important to purchase Kamdhenu TMT bars only from reputed kamdhenu tmt dealers to avoid the risk of getting duplicate TMT bars. Original Kamdhenu TMT bars have the logo of Kamdhenu stamped on their surface. A bundle of original TMT bars also has a red Kamdhenu strip.

The kamdhenu rod price depends upon the grade of the TMT bar and size. The rates are cost effective because the process of manufacturing is economical. Thus, the customers get the best quality TMT bars at the best rates.


Kamdhenu manufactures a wide range of plywood. The plywoods are characterised by high strength, weather resistance and insect protection properties. The following types of kamdhenu plywoods are available in the market.

Marine plywood made from imported Gurjan species of timber. The layers of timber are bonded using Resorcinol Phenol Formaldehyde. Preservative chemicals are infused into the core of the marine plywood at the company's Pressure Impregnation Treatment Plant. This makes the plywood resistant against termites and wood borers. Kamdhenu marine plywoods do not warp or de-laminate. They come in standard sizes of 2.44x1.22, 2.14x1.22, 1.84x1.22, 2.44x0.92, 2.14x0.92 and 1.84x0.9. Thickness ranges between 6mm and 19mm. Marine plywood is suitable for constructing boats, bridges, cooling towers, hoardings, portable cabins, beams, etc.

Film Face Densified Shuttering plywood is suitable for constructing buildings, bridges, beams, columns, wall, etc. Compression properties of this plywood is 60% more as compared to other shuttering plywoods. The load bearing capacity of this plywood is also more. The surface of the shutter plywood is covered by a 180 GSM film infused with phenol. They come in various weights such as 24kg, 30kg, 34kg and 38kg. Standard thickness is 12mm.

MR and BWP plyboards are made of platinum quality timber. Melamine Urea Formaldehyde resin is used for gluing the layers in case of MR grade plywood while Phenol Synthetic resin is used to glue the layers in case of BWP grade plywood. Quarter sawing of the logs make them plyboards dimensionally stable. Preservatives and poisoning of glue line make the plyboards resistant against termites and bores. They come in the same standard sizes as marine plywoods with thickness 19mm and 25mm.

Kamdhenu Plywood Price List

Types Of Kamdhenu Plywood Price
Kamdhenu Industries Wooden Plywood Rs 68.75/Square Feet
Kamdhenu Industries Laminate Sheet Rs. 200-1000/-
Kamdhenu Industries Switch Board Sheet Rs 270 /Millimeter


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