Kerala State Bamboo Corporation Ltd
Kerala State Bamboo Corporation Ltd

Kerala State Bamboo Corporation Ltd

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The Kerala State Bamboo Corporation Ltd. is owned by the government of Kerala. It was established in the year 1971. KSBC is engaged in the production and sale of various bamboo products besides providing financial, technical and other types of assistance to industries manufacturing bamboo, cane, reed and rattan products. The corporation helps people from socially and economically backward communities to earn their livelihood through bamboo products.


The Kerala State Bamboo Corporation Angamalay uses Ochalandra Travancorica reedi, a rare species of Bamboo found in the forests of Kerala to manufacture bamboo mats, bambooply, flooring tiles and various types of bamboo furniture.

Bambooply is the major product manufactured by the corporation. It is a suitable alternative to conventional plywood. Bambooply is manufactured by woving thin rectangular strips of bamboo and compressing them under high heat and pressure. The resulting bambooply is a smooth sheet. Bambooply can be used to construct many things such as furniture, wall panels, countertops, cupboards and kitchen utensils. Bambooply is very strong and is highly resistant against warping. Formaldehyde emissions by bambooply are low which also makes it much safer for the environment.

Bamboo flooring tiles manufactured by the corporation also has a host of benefits. Bamboo floor tiles are very strong and twice as hard as oak. Thus, they can be used in both residential and commercial buildings. Bamboo floor tiles can also tolerate temperature changes and humidity without warping. They are also very hygienic because of resistance to dirt particles and mould and mildew growth. Bamboo floor tiles are also very easy to clean and maintain. Daily cleaning with a soft brush and weekly use of a wood cleanser is enough.

Manufacturing Units

The Kerala State Bamboo Corporation operates mechanised community mat weaving centers at different parts of the state. The mechanised community mat weaving centers have been active since 2007. The aim of these centers is to churn out maximum number of bamboo mats to be sold in the market. The mechanised community mat weaving centers are present at the following places.

  • Nettinampilly
  • Ankamaly
  • Chenadu
  • Mundangamattom
  • Kuttichal
  • Malayattoor West Colony
  • Parappuram
  • Vadattupara
  • Illithode
  • Veliyannur
  • Manjapra
  • Thuravumkara
  • Two more CMWCs are being developed at Chayikulam and Okkal.

KSBC also operates a Hi-Tech Bamboo Flooring Tile factory at Nallalam. The factory started in the year 2011. This factory is engaged in the manufacture of high quality flooring tiles made of bamboo. Chinese technology is utilised in the factory to manufacture bamboo flooring tiles. The factory is situated close to bamboo forests to ensure a steady supply of bamboo. Bamboo tiles of vertical and horizontal grains in both natural and dark coloured shades are manufactured in the factory. The bamboo tiles produced are usually between 15mm and 18mm in thickness and 0.96 X 0.096 metres in size. The production capacity of the factory per annum is 1,44,000 square metres of bamboo flooring.

KSBC runs four Feeder/Primary Processing Units at Kadampuzha, Nadapuram, Palakkad and Mananthawady. The units process raw bamboo into strips of varying thickness. These strips are then used by the Bamboo board factory to manufacture flattened bamboo boards. The waste bamboo obtained after processing is also used to manufacture various products such as bamboo curtains, incense sticks, toothpicks, blinds, etc.

Bamboo Board Factory is another manufacturing unit of KSBC. It was established in the year 1985. Bambooply and bamboo mats are manufactured in the factory. Production of bambooply and bamboo mats for commercial purposes started in the year 1990. This factory is currently manufacturing 21,500 square feet of bambooply everyday.

Production is done in a sustainable manner. The bamboo reeds are collected by select felling. Thus, the whole process is eco-friendly in nature.

Kerala State Bamboo Price List

Types of Kerala State Bamboo Price
Brown Bamboo Plywood Rs 40/Square Feet
Bamboo Plywood Rs 52/Square Feet
Bamboo Wooden Plywood Rs. 60/Square Feet 
Kerala Bamboo House Rs. 100/Square Feet
Kerala Bamboo Sticksa Rs. 70/Square Feet

Kerala State Bamboo Corporation Ltd serves in following cities.



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