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KeyNIE is a smart lock that replaces keys with your phone. With KeyNIE, you can lock and unlock the door, give keyless access to friends, family, and guests to your home or business, and monitor activity with one easy-to-use mobile app.
KeyNIE locks are built to be as tough as any standard lock, but instead of keys or combinations, it uses Bluetooth to unlock with the tap of a button when you are nearby.
Our locks come in 3 variants namely - KeyNIE Square Lock, KeyNIE Round Lock and KeyNIE Door Lock; these locks are weather-resistant and run on a long-lasting battery.
We provide keyless access solutions to personal, business and hospitality customers. Our locks are suitable for all kind of properties like residential home, commercial buildings, offices, short stay homes (Airbnb), warehouses, perimeter gates and high-security doors, etc.
With KeyNIE locks, your security is now in your hands!

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Smart Door Locks by KeyNIE Locks

Smart Door Locks by KeyNIE Locks

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Price 4999/Sq. Foot
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