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One of the oldest companies to work with solar energy in India, Kotak Solar has almost two decades of experience behind its belt. It established its first facility in 1997 in the city of Bangalore to manufacture solar water heaters and soon started branching out into other solar based innovations for daily life. Its expertise in design, manufacture, engineering and installation and commissioning or I&C is second to none and applies to Solar Thermal Systems as well as Solar Photovoltaic.

Over the years, Kotak Solar’s commitment towards eco-friendly energy solutions that are reliable and innovative has not diminished. It takes particular pride in ensuring that the solar energy solutions it offers are tailored to its customers’ energy needs.

Kotak Solar Panels

Kotak Urja takes pride in its range of solar panels ranging from 10 to 300 Wp. Each panel is polycrystalline and comes with an extra sturdy frame complete with a Satin Silver Finish. An airtight junction box ensures that the panels last long and are resistant to moisture. The panels are tested for reliability at reputed laboratories and provide the best possible performance even in inclement weather conditions. They have been tested for resistance to hail loads as well as high winds. Kotak Solar takes special pride in the fact that the panels contain no toxic sealants or components. The panels are available with a Product Warranty of 10 years and a Performance Warranty of 25 years. The panels range from Rs. 20.10 per Wp to Rs. 7420 per Wp.

Kotak Solar Water Heaters

Kotak solar water heaters are the best way to heat water using safe, healthy and clean energy. The non-pressurized solar water heaters are meant to be used with soft water and can be installed on a flat roof, a sloped roof and even a tiled roof. Under ideal conditions, the heaters can heat water up to a maximum of 60 degree Celsius. The design is Super Sleek and comes with an exterior finish that is UV resistant. The insulation is polyurethane insulation that is HCFC free.  Thanks to their Easy Self-support stands the Kotak solar water heaters can be installed easily and are even good for user-friendly installation. The heaters require minimum maintenance, are MNRE approved and come with a warranty of five years. The price of the Kotak Solar Water Heaters is available upon inquiry although certain models cost around Rs. 17500 per piece.

Find top kotak solar panel, lantern and water heaters along with their price list, cost details and reviews in Bangalore, Mysore and other cities across India.

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