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Lanco Solar was established in the year 2008 and is a subsidiary of Lanco Infratech Limited. Apart from solar module manufacturing, lanco solar energy pvt ltd also undertakes project development for solar power plants. The solar module manufacturing plant of lanco solar is located in Rajnandagaon, Chhattisgarh. The total installed capacity of Lanco Solar is worth 75 MW.

What are offered?

Residential rooftop solar power packs are installed by lanco solar energy private limited. The roof mounted solar modules provide enough power to run fans, lights, televisions and other household appliances. The modules not only fulfill the power requirements of the house but also store energy in battery packs to provide power during outages.

Lanco also offers roof mounted solar modules for providing power to commercial buildings. 80 Kw rooftop solar power plant project has been installed by lanco solar energy to power Indian Parliament.

Off-grid solar power systems or standalone systems are also offered by lanco energy. These systems store energy in battery packs to provide energy at night time and during power outages. Off-grid solar power systems can be used to provide power to properties in areas not connected to the power grid such as rural banks, educational institutes in villages not connected to power supply, railway stations in remote rural areas, etc. These systems are also suitable for establishments requiring emergency power such as hospitals and ATMs.

Lanco provides complete services for setting up solar power plants. The lanco solar power identifies site, obtains permits from the concerned authorities, constructs solar plant and provides operational and maintenance service to ensure uninterrupted power supply. The total capacity of lanco power plant in India stands at 141 MW. This includes 1 MW solar PV plant in Rajasthan, 5 MW solar PV plant in Rajasthan, 35 MW solar PV farm in Gujarat and 100 MW solar thermal in Rajasthan. 

Lanco Solar Energy Price List

Lanco Solar Energy Type Price
Solar Services  Rs 70,000/ Kilowatt
Solar Renewable Energy Services Rs 50,000/ Kilowatt
Commercial Solar Energy Service Rs 20,000/ Unit
Solar DPR Service Rs 1,000/ Kilowatt
Solar Energy Solutions Service Rs 3,000/ Kilowatt
Solar Energy Solution Rs 65,000/ singal

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