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Starting its journey in 1965, the Lubi Group of Industries reached a new milestone in the year 2012 with their initiative in renewable energy products manufacturing. The Lubi Solar pumps and modules are fully automated and are of world-class quality. A number of branches set up in all over India have helped Lubi to reach out to people from every economic level. The Lubi Electronics Gandhinagar is among the leasing solar module supplier, so is the Lubi Ahmedabad and Lubi Electronics Naroda. Lubi industries have always been valuing the human resource and government guidelines as their foundation to create a better society and contribute towards a clean environment.

Lubi Solar Modules

The solar panel modules manufactured by Lubi are of high quality, being produced from the highly efficient solar cells. Lubi arranges the best solar cells from the globally eminent suppliers who not only offer performance and quality, but also efficiency.

The Lubi Electronics solar modules are available in Polycrystalline Photo Voltaic Modules and Monocrystalline Photo Voltaic Modules. The modules are certified for being sourced from top quality materials. At their state of the art automated production house, these modules are produced under strict supervision.

The Lubi Solar Panel price has been designed to meet the economic standard of both rural and urban areas. These panels are corrosion resistant, robust with snow and wind withstanding capacity, PID resistant and durable.

Lubi Solar Water Pump

 The solar panels of Lubi Solar Pumps are reinforced with tempered glass that is shock and abrasion resistant and durable. Even if there is a little crack on the glass, the effectiveness of the solar cells is not compromised.

These certified solar pumps along with their pump controller and solar panels are included in the Lubi solar pumps price list. There are various types of pumps like AC Submersible Pumps, DC Submersible Pumps, AC Surface Pumps and DC Helical Rotor Solar Pumps. The AC Pump Controllers are also available with the pumps.

The pumps work efficiently over 50 degree centigrade temperature and can withstand maximum 540 m3 airflow daily. Check out the Lubi water pump price list and you will also learn about their multiple usage in Drip irrigation (farms), flood irrigation (small fields), water supply and cattle watering. 

In order to promote renewable energy and educate people about the Greener Planet, the other notable branches in the metro cities like Lubi Electronics Hyderabad and Lubi Industries Mumbai as well as Lubi Electronics Chennai have been striving to meet the satisfaction level of the customers nationwide while being among the top five companies in producing solar energy. 

Lubi Electronics serves in following cities.

Delhi Faridabad Gandhinagar Ghaziabad Greater Noida Gurgaon Noida


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