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Moser Baer Solar Limited

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Moser Baer India Ltd. was started in Delhi in the year 1983. It started out as a manufacturer of optical storage media such as DVDs and CDs. In fact, it is the second largest manufacturer of this media in the world. MBIL is also considered one of the leading technology companies in India.

At the beginning, Moser Baer was only concerned with technology. However, by 2007 it had started diversifying and venturing into new fields. When it decided to go into solar energy, it set up two subsidiaries – Moser Baer Solar Ltd. and Moser Baer Photo Voltaic Ltd. This is when the photovoltaic facility started production and soon the company had set up the largest Thin Film Solar Fab.

Moser Baer through one of its products or another is present in over 82 countries around the world. The company’s marketing offices are located in the US, Japan, India and Europe. It is working on different solar technologies – thin films and crystalline silicon.

Moser Baer has been responsible for setting up one of the largest rooftop solar photo voltaic installations in the country. The installation has been set up in the city of Surat.

Currently, Moser Baer employs over 7000 employees. It has over 25 years in manufacturing and selling high technology products. It has fully automated facilities to manufacture cells and modules and the inspection tools and equipment come from some of the top manufacturers in the world.

In order to ensure that standards of quality of the solar modules remain high the company has reliability testing capability in-house. The solar panels manufactured by the company also have a warranty for 25 years. The company has spearheaded a plethora of research and development initiatives that are cutting-edge and has multiple patents both in India and in the US.

Moser Baer Photo Voltaic Ltd. has also won many awards including the Golden Peacock Award for Occupational Health and Safety and the Qimpro Qualtech Paze.

Moser Baer Solar has also won quality certification from many different bodies including MCS of UK, DGS&D of India and JET of Japan.

The share price of the company currently stands at Rs. 2.25.

Moser Baer’s total capacity is

Thin Film modules – 50 MW

Crystalline Modules – 200 MW

Crystalline Cells – 180 MW

Moser Baer Solar Panel Price List in India

Depending upon the model of solar panel you are interested in. Prices of the panels can range from Rs. 2354 per piece to Rs. 11770 per piece.

Moser Baer Solar Limited serves in following cities.

Delhi Faridabad Ghaziabad Greater Noida Gurgaon Noida


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