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We've grown from hobby to business, from friends to customers, from coast to coast. Green Building Supply is a natural outgrowth of our company Builders Wholesale Supply.

This green adventure results from our 20 years of researching and testing non-toxic and green building products. Our first customers were our friends, many of them out of state, and some of them chemically sensitive.

We both come from families who love to design and build. Grandparents, parents and brothers have all built custom homes. And so did we. During the mid 80's, we platted Orchard Lake Estates subdivision in Iowa and began designing our dream home. Finally in 1990, we built the home you see below; it was inspired by the Ward Willits House in Highland Park, IL designed by Frank Lloyd Wright as his first Prairie House. This was, and still is, the testing site for many of our products.

Although we were deeply moved by the beauty and silence of Wright's Prairie Style, we also incorporated the ancient and timeless principles of Maharishi Vedic Architecture which includes the use of natural and environmentally-friendly building materials.

As you might imagine, building a home of this type was not exactly in the repertoire of most builders, nor were the materials readily available. It was almost impossible to find products locally that satisfied our craving for natural beauty. Also at that time there was no internet, very few applicable magazines and scant interest in green building products.

Frustrated, we traveled around the US to locate beautiful natural products. Getting reliable information about the content of various products was the most difficult task; few manufacturers knew what would trigger chemical sensitivity in their products, and most had never heard of an MSDS sheet!

Eventually we put all the pieces together, and when natural healthy homes came into demand in our community, we were inspired to make these products available to others. So far, we've helped countless people create new healthy homes and healthy remodels throughout the country.

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