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Nano Solars India

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Nano Sciences and Ozone Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in the development of solar technology for efficient utilisation of solar energy. A wide range of solar products are manufactured by nano solar. In addition, the company also offers installation services for rooftop solar power plants and megawatt solar power plants. Engineering, procurement and construction services for large scale solar power projects are also offered by nanosolar.

Solar Products Manufactured

Nano Solar manufactures a unique kind of solar panel called Nano and Quantum Dot panel. These are transparent nano solar panels which do not require direct sunlight to generate electricity. They can be used outside buildings as roofing glasses and vertical position glasses. The nano solar cells are mono crystalline and polycrystalline in construction. High efficiency solar modules are also manufactured by nano solar. These modules generate 30% more energy with more power generation time. The company uses innovative technologies such as nano solar energy, direct sun and cpv technology to utilise solar energy. The price of the solar panel depends upon its type, power rating and other features. The nanosolar panels price is either on the basis of  per wattage or per panel.

Solar high definition wireless cameras using solar panels for power are manufactured by nano solar. Solar home appliances such as solar lighting, solar tv, solar lanterns, solar power banks, solar radios, etc. are also offered by nano solar.

Solar batteries, solar kitchen equipments, solar accessories and many other solar products are manufactured by nano solar.

The nanosolar price for solar modules and other products is competitive and designed to provide affordable solar power to homes and industries.

Other solar services

Rooftop solar power plants with power generation capacity ranging between 100 KW and 500 KW are installed by nano solar. Both on-grid and off-grid solar PV modules are offered by nano solar. Inverters installed by the company not only convert electricity produced by the modules from DC to AC but also act as a backup power source when grid power is not available. Apart from rooftop solar power plants, ground mounted solar power systems for powering agricultural operations are also built by the company.

Nano Solar constructs MW solar power plants starting from 1 MW solar power plants. Complete EPC services such as site assessment and acquisition, project designing, planning and risk assessment, procurement, structural design, engineering design, construction management, substation integration, quality control and environmental clearance are all provided by the company’s experts, engineers and technicians.

Nano Solar Panels Price List

Nano Solar Panels Price
Nano Solar Thin Film Panels Rs 7,500/Pieces
Vetro Sol Nano Coating for Solar Glass Penal Rs 600/ Milliliter
Transparent Nano coating for Solar Panels Rs 7,500/ Litre
nano solar panel 280W 290w poly pv module Rs 18.80/Pieces

Nano Solars India serves in following cities.

Agartala Agethi Ahmedabad Aizawl Allahabad Amini Amli Androth Island Aurangabad Maharashtra Bangalore Bhopal Bhubaneswar Bombuflat Chandigarh Chennai Coimbatore Coimbatore city Cuttack Dadra Daman Dehradun Delhi Diu Faridabad Gangtok Garacharma Ghaziabad Goa Greater Noida Guntur Show more


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